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Organizational Theory

Types of Organizational Structures

Looked at the attached organizational chart. Identify the type of organizational structure it is and why: 1. Functional structure 2. service line structure 3. Hybrid structure 4. matrix structure 5. Parallel structure 6. Shared Governance 7. Heterarchy Structure 8. Self Organizing structure

Improving organizational performance with employee characteristics

As a manager, how can you use your knowledge of employee characteristics to improve organizational performance? Provide specific examples to support your response. Which of the following employee characteristics have the greatest impact on employee behavior: general attitudes, job satisfaction, emotions and moods, personality

Managing Organizational Changes

Attached is the background of work redesign done by the internal consulting team. As external consultants, you want to tell them what they did well and what concerns you have about their process and recommended actions. Include the following information: Create one list to specify the analysis and work redesign strategies

Organizational Development and Benefits

Organizational Development is used within your organization to bring about change at the individual, group and organizational level. Can you give some specific examples that would benefit your organization?

Principles of organizational theory

Smith Inc has been making small quantities of stuffed bears for many years. The bears are customized and very high quality and premium priced. Currently, the bears are produced in one factory in Wisconsin and sold in only three locations in the U.S.: Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. Production is 10,0

Shirts Inc - Organizational Environment

Shirts Inc. has been making small quantities of polo shirts for many years. The shirts are customized and very high quality and premium priced. Currently, the the shirts are produced in one factory in Wisconsin and sold in only three locations in the U.S.: Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. Production is 1

Developing an Organizational Plan

I need help with the following questions please as I attempt to develop an organizational plan. The questions relate to an etiquette and image consultant, one-owner, corporation type business. 1. Describe the legal form of your business (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation). 2. Justify the legal form you selected

Organizational design and strategy in global environment

Question: How Can Carter Inc. manage to maintain its eco-friendly operations internationally? Carter Inc. is a company that sells organic dairy products while focusing on environmental concerns. Social responsibility has always been at the core of Carter Inc. In Carter Inc.'s view, making sure that the planet and its resource

Organizational Buying Decisions

Please help with this question: What are three separate ways a health care provider could shape the buying decisions of its customers.

MGT 330 Management for Organizations: Ron Jon Surf Shop, and Hilo Hattie. Both websites are analyzed to detail elements of organizational planning, staffing, leading and controlling. The second part of this case provides research and analysis of Facebook; in regards to its influence and future. The solution is over 500 words and includes 4 references.

1.Access the web sites of Ron Jon Surf Shop ( and Hilo Hattie ( Explain how the two companies are similar and how they are different. Can you find elements of organizational planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and control in their web content? Provide specifi

Organizational Strategy - GE Capital

Evaluate the current strategy of GE Capital organization and apply theory to examine how the strategy was formed. Leverage practitioner data to evaluate current mistakes and gaps in the strategy to prepare for strategic recommendations for improvement. 1. Describe the background information about the organization, including

Organizational Learning Disabilities

What are the Learning Disabilities and Laws from Senge's Fifth Disciplines that describe Enron's Situation? The 11 Laws of Fifth Disciplines:

Organizational and National Cultures in a Polish-U.S. Joint Venture

Based on the chapter case (see attachment) "Organizational and National Cultures in a Polish-U.S. Joint Venture" in Chapter 1, write a four to five (4-5) page paper that addresses the following: 1. Discuss the cultural differences, risks, and difficulties of working in Poland compared to the U.S. 2. Apply Hofstede's and th

Matrix versus Functional Environment

What's the difference between working in a matrix versus a functional environment? If you were a project manager for a factory and/or a construction project, which organizational structure would you model your team after?

Organizational Learning

Discuss the conventional model of organizational learning, the characteristics of Chinese firms, and the learning strategies and processes of Chinese firms. For write a detailed report that critically analyses the differences from the conventional model of organizational learning and the learning strategies and processes that ar

Celebrating Organizational Achievements

Organizational members that take the time to celebrate short-term organizational wins generate long-term success. Describe the way in which an organization you are affiliated with celebrates its achievements. Explain how you, as a leader, could build upon or improve purposeful celebrations within the organization.

Organizational Monitoring

Please can you help me with answering the following questions: Organizations are increasingly monitoring employees' work using various types of technology. What types of monitoring does your organization use? What, if any, issues have arisen from these practices? How were they (or should they have been) resolved?

Cohesion or confusion

After you have read the article, complete the following: Present a written analysis of the evaluations offered in the journal article of the various theories of organizational learning. How might such theories be advanced in the future and what challenges must be overcome? Do you agree with these views? Why or why not? Expla

Organizational Learning and Knowledge

In your opinion, how should managers utilize organizational learning and knowledge to better construct work systems? What type of framework would you propose for the management of organizational learning?

Exploring Creativity in an Organizational Setting

Describe the steps in the creative process that resulted in the Post-it Note pads as we know them today. 2. What factors fostered and hindered the creative process? 3. Which characteristics of Spencer Silver contributed to his creativity? 4. Can you identify other products that were successfully developed from "Eureka" mom

organizational growth and decline

(1) Why do organizations decline? What steps can organizational leaders take to halt decline and restore organizational growth? (2) Why do organizations grow? What types of major crisis is an organization likely to encounter as it grows?

Business Development - YMCA

I need help starting with my project about the history of the YMCA. I have to work on the following: - The origin of the nonprofit organization (YMCA). - Description of the organization and how it developed from its inception. - The purpose of the organization, who it serves, why, and how. These comprehend the mission o

Importance of networks in organizational learning Article

What is the importance of networks in organizational learning? Analyse the Jones Macpherson article with regard to how mature SMEs facilitate strategic renewal by accessing external resources. According to the Jones article, what role does absorptive capacity play in organizational learning?

Managers utilization of organizational learning

How should managers utilise organisational learning and knowledge to better construct work systems? Based on what you have learned this week, what type of framework would you propose for the management of organisational learning?

Organizational Strategy

What are your thoughts about Eastman Kodak's general corporate strategy (i.e. use of vertical integration, global strategies, and diversification)?

Organizational Strategy: Eastman Kodak case-study

Identify and describe Eastman Kodak's key stakeholders. What is their influence on strategy? Address Kodak's challenge in meeting the needs of shareholders versus stakeholders. What ethical challenges and dilemmas might this pose?