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    Organizational and National Cultures in a Polish-U.S. Joint Venture

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    Based on the chapter case (see attachment) "Organizational and National Cultures in a Polish-U.S. Joint Venture" in Chapter 1, write a four to five (4-5) page paper that addresses the following:

    1. Discuss the cultural differences, risks, and difficulties of working in Poland compared to the U.S.

    2. Apply Hofstede's and the 7d cultural dimension models to explain the cultural differences noted in the case.

    3. Analyze institutional explanations for how the Polish workers react to U.S. management style.

    4. Recommend the types of cultural adaptations to the U.S. expatriate managers regarding their management styles.

    5. Explain how the joint venture can take advantage of the Polish cultural differences to build a stronger organization.

    The format of the paper is to be as follows:

    Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one-inch margins on all sides, APA format.

    Use headers for each of the subjects being covered, followed by your response.

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    The best approach to this assignment is to evaluate the pros and cons of working in Poland and the United States. In the United States it is easier to start a small business, however there is an increasing concern of statutory regulations and taxes. There are strict regulations for foreign relations in terms of outsourcing which is one of the reasons United States based organizations engage in outsourcing as a cost effective option for business processes i.e. distribution and/or product manufacturing. Currently there is a higher unemployment rate, which may be problematic for non-Americans. In Poland, pregnant women may be on maternity leave for 12 unpaid months. In the United States on the other hand maternity leave varies on an organizational basis, some organizations may allow 6-8 eight months whereas others may allow less than that unpaid or paid depending on how much medical leave time an employee accumulated. There are childhood labor laws in the United States in which children under the age 15 or16 are prohibited from working unless they have a work permit. In Poland children are unable to work but they are allowed to help out around a farm to help harvest crops but it will be considered a household chore. There are some stipulations involved.

    You may also begin by discussing the misconceptions foreign countries have about managers in the U.S. In some states (not all) education is a major accomplishment and can contribute to an individual's quality of life and overall success. However, there are some states where a person will benefit significantly through the use of networking, meeting people who are highly esteemed and hold important positions. For example, in the state of Nevada it is important to be involved in the community through volunteering, it helps being an active member of society. Polish citizens believe in the spirit of doing your best on a job and you will have great success. There is nothing wrong with this ...