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    International Competitiveness: The Corning-Vitro Venture

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    Read the Case Study entitled, Cross-Cultural Conflicts in the Corning-Vitro Joint Venture on pages 222-223. Then, answer the Questions for Review at the end of the case.

    The case is provided on the following link, please answer the questions provided at the end of the case:


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    1. Identify and discuss Corning's strategic predisposition toward a joint venture with Vitro.

    Corning's strategic predisposition toward a joint venture with Vitro was one that made assumptions that due to similarities relating to both companies' culture and customer-oriented philosophies, that both companies would easily come together in the formation of a strong strategic alliance. An American company, Corning believed that by simply looking at the similarities in the way the companies were especially run, then reaching mutually agreeable operational cohesiveness would be easy. Corning was certain that the joint venture with Vitro would enable it to get into the drink ware, automotive windshield and washing machine industries as a strong supplement to its own oven-ready glass-ware, fiber optics, environmental products and laboratory services. This wide range of offerings was simply perfect for Corning's strategic predisposition in addition to entering a new market which it believed had lots of potential for its own products.

    The CEO at Corning mentioned that were certain criteria that were essential for decision-making purposes on whether an equity venture was likely to succeed. The criteria put forward relayed the strategic predispositions that Corning had towards Vitro as a crucial business partner and felt that the two companies would make a huge success upon merging ...

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