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Strategic Supply Chain Management: Owens Corning Profile

? Review "Owens Corning Profile: Reorganizing for 'a Bright Future'" on pages 131-138 (Refer to this link

1. Describe how RACI analysis acted as a dynamic for change at Owens Corning.

2. Describe how technology allowed Owens Corning to change their mindset from supply chain efficiency to supply chain flexibility.

3. Managing inventories to minimize surpluses is a key goal in global operations and supply chain management. Describe how Owens Corning's improvements helped them achieve this goal.

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Strategic Supply Chain Management

How RACI analysis acted as a dynamic for change at Owens Corning:

Responsibility Assignment Matrix, also known as RACI matrix is used to provide a description of the various participating roles in completing tasks or deliverables which are required for a business process. RACI is an acronym standing for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.

Just like any other components of the supply chain, the strategy of operations is associated to how dynamic it is. The product life cycle is however considered to be a key driver. As a product demand rises and then decreases, companies have the capability of moving from make to stock and from make to reorder with an aim of reducing inventory risks associated while ensuring its availability at a price which is competitive (DATAMONITOR: Owens Corning, 2011).

Looking at the Responsible aspect of this analysis and relating it to the dynamic ...

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