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How Can Carter Inc. manage to maintain its eco-friendly

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Question: How Can Carter Inc. manage to maintain its eco-friendly operations internationally?

Carter Inc. is a company that sells organic dairy products while focusing on environmental concerns. Social responsibility has always been at the core of Carter Inc. In Carter Inc.'s view, making sure that the planet and its resources would continue to be available, and even flourish, for future generations to enjoy was the main goal; profits were merely the means that would help further this goal.

Carter Inc. is willing to pay more for organic ingredients and is strongly committed to eco-friendly operations. After calculating how much energy it needs to run its plant, for instance, it made an equivalent investment in environmental projects like reforestation. The company no longer puts plastic lids on its yogurt, saving about a million pounds of plastic a year, and its packaging carries messages about global warming, farmland protection, and genetically modified foods. In fact, its sales continue to increase by roughly 40% every year, making it a major player among U.S. yogurt brands. Now the company is considering going international, bringing its products and values to Belgium, Spain, and beyond.

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Carter is doing a fine job thus far of focusing on eco-friendly strategies in their production processes. The focus now needs to turn into incorporating those same strategies during their international expansion. Carter should investigate the areas where it plans to set up additional operating facilities and determine what needs are the greatest in terms of the environment in those areas. If rainforests are being compromised, Carter should focus on rainforest efforts for sustainability. If the country shows a compromise in other natural resources, like natural springs, that's where they need to concentrate their efforts. On a smaller scale, they need to keep finding ways that improve production ...

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How Can Carter Inc. manage to maintain its eco-friendly operations internationally?

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