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Organizational Development-Third Party Intervention

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Can you help me with the 3 questions at the back of the attached case study about third-party intervention?

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This solution is comprised of of a detailed explanation of organizational development using third party intervention. Over 650 words encompass the definition of organizationl development, including the the role of the OD developer, and the procedures and processes necessary for effective third party intervention.

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Case Study-Lincoln Hospital: Third Party Intervention

The role of third party intervention:

According to Wehr (1998), when impartial third parties intervene in a conflict situation, new relational structures and possibilities for moderating the conflict are created. Introduction of a mediator, for example, changes both the physical and social structure of a conflict. New groups and sets of transactions appear with the third party. The presence of an observer tends to put contenders on better, if not their best, behavior. More accurate communication is facilitated by intermediaries. The issues, interests and needs of the contenders become clearer with the help of such third parties. There may even be someone besides one's adversary to blame, as intermediaries sometimes divert blame toward themselves as a technique for transforming stalemate into resolution. Most importantly, third parties bring additional minds and skills for problem-solving to the conflict. The contenders are no longer on their own (www.colorado.edu).

Question 1:
First, understand the role of Organizational Development (OD); it is to define the change that needs to take place in order ...

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