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Managing Organizational Changes

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Attached is the background of work redesign done by the internal consulting team. As external consultants, you want to tell them what they did well and what concerns you have about their process and recommended actions.

Include the following information:

Create one list to specify the analysis and work redesign strategies used.

Create a second list identifying the factors for change that were successfully addressed.

Create a third list identifying any factors that deserve more attention. For at least one of these factors, identify how you might have used a different change management practice to handle it

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Create one list to specify the analysis and work redesign strategies used.

The first things were the internal interviews and audits to discover the patterns and issues.
1. Actions taken based on the identified issues:
2. Interviews held with management and customers
3. Survey distributed to homes of employees to assess motivations and problem areas from employee point of view
4. Company used generally accepted Job Diagnostic (of Hackman and Oldham) to measure task significance, variety, identity, autonomy, and feedback.
5. Company held meetings to discuss the poor rate of return for surveys
6. Company held team building sessions to assess issues
7. Held meetings during ...

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The expert creates one list to specify the analysis and work redesign strategies used.

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