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Organizational Management: Productive Failure

1. Sometimes things go wrong and it's not always a bad thing. Discuss a time in your organization's history when a change process failed. Explain what happened and what was learned in the process in at least 200 words.

2. What skills are appropriate for a leader of change in a modern organization?

How do you cultivate them?

On reflection, what skills do you possess and how do you compare with your list of skills?

What can you do to improve your skills?

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Most recently my organization, which is a public health government funded entity, decided it needed to collect more money from its indigent patients. These patients paid $8.00 per office visit to be seen and a directive was given to refuse service for non-payment at the time of service. As our organization contends with a great deal of political and community pressure we were forced to quickly abort this plan of action and bill the patients instead if they were unable to pay.

The public outcry over not being able to access services due to ones inability to pay such a minimal amount far exceeded the organizations ability to continue its ...

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This solution provides an example of how a change process failed and what was learned from the experience. The information provided will assist in developing a more concise change management plan and the response is specific to the problem/question as indicated below.