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    The value Chain

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    A Value Chain without Technology?

    (1) Describe what would happen to a company's value chain if all electronic devices and systems suddenly were unavailable and an expected time for resolution time is unknown.
    (2)Could a value chain be maintained without electronics and technology to support it? If so, how?

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    Failure of Value Chain Devices
    Value chain facilitates the producers to make direct relationship with customers by producing their desirable products . Hence, by the failure of electronic devices, the company may unable to produce the desirable products and deliver them at the door of customers (Weele, 2009). At the same time, the failure of electronic devices and systems also restricts the company to get the information from customers that makes them unsatisfied and due to this, the existing customers of a company could attract towards similar products of the company's competitors.
    Hence, this situation would reduce the number of potential customers and also reduce the demand for its products. Due to the failure of electronic systems, the company could not manage its production schedule in context of value ...

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    The value chain without technologies are examined. The value chain maintained without electronics and technolgoies to support is are determined.