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Organizational Behavior Case Study on Bargaining

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CASE STUDY: Jesse, Jessica, and Jose are triplets who have gone into the Bridal Gown business. They understand that this is a seasonal business and want you (a recent MBA graduate) to advise them on how to strategize their business processes to help minimize dependence on other organizations. However, besides the alternatives possible, you think that bargaining might also help them. Write out advice and give concluding points.

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Jesse, Jessica & Jose,
I understand the three of you have concerns about your bridal gown business. While it is true
that this business can be somewhat seasonal, with many more weddings occurring in the Spring and
Summer, there are some strategies to consider, that will allow your business to improve revenues
during the Fall and Winter Months. Aside from the occasional weddings in the cooler months, which
provide a reduced level of revenues, there are other activities that can help generate additional
I am recommending that you consider a few ...

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Organizational behavior case study on bargaining is examined.

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