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Organizational Commitment

Organizational commitment

Building organizational commitment
Justice and Support
Shared values
Organizational Comprehension
Employee involvenent

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Justice and Support

Organizational commitment is crucial when it comes to justice and support. Distributive, procedural, and interactional justice. Distributive justice refers to tax compliance. This is in regards to those who have felt that others were paid more were less likely to become compliant, and this also refers to those who are receive an injustice in regards to their income type. For example, if a poor person is homeless, but can get taxed, then they may not view it as fair because they do not have the capabilities of paying them back. The same is also true for someone working for an organization. They may desire to want to have more taught to them on how to handle their taxes, but have a lack of education in it, so in turn feel hurt because they have the lack of funds to pay for taxes to the government, and maybe the business they work for at that time.

Procedural justice refers to how fair things are handled within the workplace. One will notice this in regards to the consistency of the decisions that are made by management, accuracy, perceptions, impartial, and whether or not they are subject for appeal. These are a huge motivator in how one will act in the work environment, and may determine how long stays with the business. Interactional justice means to how one interacts with others. One sees this by treatment and exchanges of others in regards to interpersonal situations.

Four areas are worth noting in regards to support. They consist of organizational, supervisor, management, and co-worker. In regards to organization, this means how one perceives the organization as a whole. This is either positive or negative and includes the various practices that take place on a regular basis. Supervisor support is in how much stress is alleviated as well as where the company is located. When this occurs, a person is able to handle work and family conflicts better, but that is not always the case. Management support is making sure that the business is running smoothly as a whole. This generally includes other businesses domestically and internationally as well as professional guidance and ...

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