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    Compensation Strategies

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    Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

    Many compensation professionals are faced with making choices about which discretionary benefits to drop because funds are limited and the cost of these benefits continually increase. Assume you must make such choices. Rank-order discretionary benefits, starting with the ones you would most likely drop to the ones you would leas

    Compensation and Benefits:Entitlement

    Provide your reaction to the statement, "Employee benefits is seen by employees as an entitlement for their membership in companies." Explain the rationale for your reaction.

    Sprint Company case study

    1. What is the problem Sprint faces? 2. What should Sprint management do? What implications will this decision have on the future of its long distance service market? 3. Select any country, how would you select, train and compensate the employees you plan to send as expatriates to this country. Please use the case study Sp

    Workers Compensation Claim Various Problems

    Several weeks after you and Jackie have met concerning her time and attendance, you receive a phone call from one of her co-workers. Jackie has been found passed out in the bathroom. Next to her is a wrapped up dollar bill with a white substance by it. You direct the worker to call the EMT's. She is brought to the local hospital

    Legal Compensation

    You are the General Manager of a management company. Every month, the President holds a party at TGIF to celebrate birthdays from the prior month, to make announcements about company performance and to have a good time with staff. Last Friday, the monthly party was held. Alcohol is served at the parties along with food. Th

    Compensation and Benefits of high level executives

    Read the "Investing in Me" article at the following link: http://www.newstatesman.com/society/2008/05/self-improvement-india . In tough economic times, compensation and benefits for high level executives are scrutinized throughout the world. Equity in pay, performance based compensation, bonuses and stock options are all fodde

    Compliance position interview questions

    I plan on applying for positions in the Compliance field of a Bank. I don't like interviewing and get extremely nervous. I want to prepare way ahead of time, so I can be prepared when the time comes. Please assist with the below set of questions to the best of your knowledge based on experience. This would be more suitable for

    Payroll Data Flow

    Compose a high-level narrative description of your current or former company's payroll process that illustrates how data flows through the system. Recommend at least one improvement that will make the data processing activity more efficient. Justify your recommendation.

    Employee Incentives Peer Response

    Please assist me with information to do a peer response of this case study: 'I've once experienced the reinforcement theory of motivation while employed with a retailer specializing in women's footwear. From time to time, each store would hold an internal competition - which employee can sell the most shoes within a specific t

    Employee Performance with Peer Response

    Before I enlisted I worked at a mortgage collections company. It was tedious work done solely through the telephone. The department set particular goals for contacting overdue customers and meeting their needs. The goals were: 1. Number of customers helped per hour. 2. Specific customer criteria checklist covered (e.g. confirm

    Employee Benefits and Human Resources Study Questions

    Please check for correctness. Provide any input so that I can understand. Milkovich, G., & Newman, J. (2013). Compensation (11 ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. 9. The human relations approach to management would recommend rewarding outstanding employee performance through: a. piece rate compensation b. incentive compe

    Gender Compensation Discussion

    A female is socializing after work with some co-workers. At dinner, a couple of her male co-workers start discussing salary and talking about other job offers with more money. Her male counterparts were currently making at least $5,000 more a year than her. She suddenly understands that she has been making less, with no immedia

    Tying compensation with performance measures

    The President of EEC has decided to adopt the balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard translates an organization's mission and strategy into operational objectives and performance measures for 4 different perspectives. You received an e-mail from him asking about tying compensation with performance measures. Discuss the follo

    Rewards and Compensation in Recruitment Strategy

    I need to develop a draft of the Rewards and Compensation portion of the Recruitment and Selection Strategy/Rewards and Compensation Plan for each position and region that addresses the following information: 1) What other rewards considerations should be included for this position or business unit? 2) Base pay as a percenta

    Employee Compensation: Short Smith Manufacturing

    Short Smith Manufacturing Please read the following: James is the newest manager to join Short Smith Manufacturing, a new and growing company that is 12 years old. The company started with three employees and now has 81. There are 10 different, hourly job titles, two salaried sales positions and four salaried managers. The c

    Evaluation of CEO compensation

    1. Critique and evaluate considerations that are traditionally used to determine CEO compensation. 2. Create a matrix or sample evaluation tool that details the factors you believe CEO compensation should be measured by in a company. 3. Evaluate how transferable this tool would be across industries. Provide rationale for your

    Software programs for paying employees in-house

    Need help with this questions. Technology and In-House Pay Administration You are the head of the human resources department in a small manufacturing organization with 200 employees. Your top management has asked you to find a way to keep your organization's wage/salary and benefits administration efforts in-house instead

    Strategic compensation in human resource systems

    Discuss and explain the concept of Strategic Compensation as a component of human resource systems. Include in your discussion the opinions expressed regarding strategic analysis and contextual factors.

    Employee Compensation and Motivation

    If you were to own your own business what could you do to ensure the fairness and needs of the employees are met and if it is possible to create a solution in the beginning that will help the company can face any new challenges with newer employee needs. Also, it discusses if employers could use some help with motivation employ

    Social Insurance

    A program of compensation provided and controlled by a government for the elderly, the disabled, or the unemployed people is known as the social insurance program. Acceptance in a social insurance program is not guaranteed and individuals seeking to be covered have to meet certain requirements. Social insurance may come in the f

    Compensation and Benefit Challenges

    The original posting: List 3 organizations that either has or is experiencing challenges with its compensation and benefits system. The solution provides for three, "real world" examples from 2013 facing these challenges: Federal, State and local government agencies, Boeing and Hostess. Each organization is discussed, with t

    EFAS Table for USAA

    John, I need your assistance once again. Please see below: Using the information gathered from the SWOT analysis on USAA, create an EFAS table. Use Microsoft word to create the table and format using APA style. The table will have five columns. The first column heading should be titled External Factors, the second column shou

    Executive Performance and Executive Compensation

    I need help analyzing the weak links between Executive Performance and Executive Compensation. For example, the growth of the average CEO pay over the period 1990 to 2005, as the head of a typical public company, was about $9.7 million dollars. Are there many weak links between CEO pay vs. CEO performance? It has to be 1000

    Top Executives and Political Power

    What is the difference between the position a person holds in a company and their political power? Is the top executive in an organization always the person who holds the most political power?

    Alternative for Executive Compensation

    CEOs' pay comes under much scrutiny and the public reaction is generally negative. Historically, the base pay for CEOs has dropped from 60% of their total compensation in 1960 to about 20% today. During this same time, long-term incentives (stock options) have risen from 15% to about 66%. - Has the change in the composition