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    Sprint Company case study

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    1. What is the problem Sprint faces?
    2. What should Sprint management do? What implications will this decision have on the future of its long distance service market?
    3. Select any country, how would you select, train and compensate the employees you plan to send as expatriates to this country.

    Please use the case study Sprint – La Conexion Familiar (A) (97C001).

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    1. The problem that Sprint faces is unionization. Sprint's long distance telemarketing operation, LCF, was facing unionization. The workers of LCF had met with Communication Workers of America and commenced an organizing drive. The CWA had filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board with support of 70 percent of LCF workforce requesting a vote on the question of union representation. Sprint had positioned itself as a Union Free Company (Cambell. D, 2013). Since labor costs were an important part of operating expense, Sprint felt that union organization was a significant threat. Union organization could make it ...

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