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Sprint/United Management Co. v. Medelsohn

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Develop a court brief for the case of Sprint/United Mangement Co. v. Mendelshohn. No 06-1221.

In the brief the following must be discuss:
-Minority Rationale(s)


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Mendelsohn was an employee of Sprint from 1989 to 2002 when she was fired as a part of a company-wide layoff. She was 50 years old and she filed a suit alleging that she had been fired because of her age and the provisions of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act apply. For substantiating her case she wanted to introduce the evidence of five other employees each over the age of 40 under the "similarly situated" or "me too" rule. The trial count disallowed the evidence of other employees because these were not under the same supervisor. However, the Tenth Circuit reversed the order as it believed that the "me too" rule had been wrongly applied and the same decision maker ...

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