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    Legal Compensation

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    You are the General Manager of a management company. Every month, the President holds a party at TGIF to celebrate birthdays from the prior month, to make announcements about company performance and to have a good time with staff.

    Last Friday, the monthly party was held. Alcohol is served at the parties along with food.

    The President starts her speech with the following: She has heard a blonde joke on The Tonight Show and wants to tell it. The joke is no way funny. She tells her assistant, Jennifer, who is a blonde, not to be offended by the joke.

    The following morning Jennifer comes to you and tells you that blonde jokes, referencing her in particulate are being posted on the company's network. Some of them are quite nasty. You learn that the overnight IT staff were responsible for the posting of the jokes. You speak to the head and tell her that she and her staff may be facing discipline. She tells you that she wants the same as will be given to the President- NOTHING.

    Today, you receive a letter from an attorney representing Jennifer. He asks that she be compensated for her emotional distress. Otherwise, she is going to file a complaint with the EEOC.

    What do you do?

    Please use academic support to sustain your analysis.

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    The first thing that I would do in a situation of this nature is to inform the president of the company about the IT staff members, as well as the contact with Jennifer's attorney. If the president doesn't provide any directives in this situation I will proceed with informing the president that I think that Jennifer should be compensated for her emotional distress ...

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