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    Compensation and Benefits

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    I need a four to five power point presentation for the last two topics- Consideration of legal issues and compensation structure recommendation - none of the rest.


    As the Director of Compensation and Benefits for your company, you have been given the responsibility to conduct an extensive compensation review and analysis for your growing organization. You are doing so in concert with a committee you have formed. Your findings and recommendations will be presented for final approval to the CEO.

    First, study the following Job-analysis.net (http://www.job-analysis.net), which is an extensive site with information on job analysis, job evaluation, legal issues and a variety of related information.

    Group Portion: choose a group leader and discuss and come to a consensus on the following points, and on the format and theme of your presentation:

    * The type of job analysis you will conduct and why you believe that approach is best.
    * The method of job evaluation you will use and how you feel it will provide the most reliable data.
    * Ensuring internal and external pay equity
    * Consideration of legal issues
    * Compensation structure recommendation

    Post your responses on the Small Group Discussion Board. Comment on at least two other postings.

    Individual Portion: delegate 1-2 presentation issues to each group member, and create Powerpoint slides which answer those questions.

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