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Compensation Strategies

Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Plans

Please help with the following problem: I am researching both defined contributions plans and defined benefit plans, I can not find where one is more beneficial over the other for either employee or employer. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Base Pay vs. Incentive Pay

I need some additional information on this topic: Describe the major differences between Base Pay and Incentive Pay, and the advantages of each to the both the employee and the organization. For incentive pay use the simple definition of "a lump sum bonus paid annually and based on individual performance or performance goals".

Compensation Strategy

Options Menu: Forum Module 6 All organizations that have a payroll also have a compensation strategy. The strategy may have developed informally from the pay decisions made, or have been inferred based on the organization's compensation practices over time. The best practice type of strategy assumes that there is a best

Fixed vs varying compensation

Just looking for a few paragraphs to get a discussion rolling. What arguments would you use to defend a fixed pay system such as union or government scale that had no performance measures? In contrast, what arguments would you use to persuade an organization to vary its pay rates based on individual job performance?

Compensation & Benefits for Expatriates

As an IHRM Manager you are trying to recruit employees of an occupation category in which there is a nationwide shortage to work. These employees are to be assigned as expatriates in your foreign operation. What could you include in the compensation and benefits package that might induce these employees to take a foreign assignm

Discussing Flexible Work Schedules

Describe the various types of flexible work schedules. Would you prefer working one of these schedules or would you prefer a regular schedule? Explain your answer.

Contingent Workers

Identify and explain the different types of contingent workers. Why might a company choose a contingent worker over a regular full time employee?

Compensation alternative methods

I am working on a large research paper for a Human Resources Wages and Compensation class and am looking for help on an 8-10 page portion addressing Alternative Compensation Methods (systems, trends, non-monetary compensation, and benefits package design.) Also touching on how employers are going beyond simple salary-based com

Performace Appraisal Plans

Explain the four categories of performance appraisal plans. Determine which of these plans you would prefer at your own organization. Explain your choice.

External Factors Impacting Compensation Strategy

Choose three external compensation forces and explain their influence on the design and execution of an organization's compensation strategy. Your answer should be at least 200 words, and include APA formatted references. Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You must use at least your textbook to complete thi

Job Analysis Interview

As a Human Resources Manager of a medium size company, you and your staff have been given the task of creating job descriptions for all the positions in your company (there are 100 different positions). You are the expert in this area and must quickly come up with a job analysis interview that will be used during the analysis pr

Pay Increases

What constitutes giving a pay raise? Do companies willingly or hesitantly give them? What field receives the most pay raises (Sales?) and why? Tips on getting a pay raise? Do employees still out perform co-workers after receiving a pay raise?

Using the S.M.A.R.T objectives technique

Currently, a number of firms employ the S.M.A.R.T. objectives technique when creating personal performance objectives. Should they continue to employ this technique or change to another technique? Explain your answer in 150 words, using a specific example to support your points.

Three Pay Policies for an Organization

You are the compensation manager for a start-up internet company. The CEO wants to know what the best pay level policy is for this organization. Prepare a memo to the CEO explaining the three options the company can choose from and what your recommendation is, and why.

Market Trends in Executive Compensation

Construct an argument supporting your position. The market trend towards escalating executive compensation reflects the critical importance of an executive to an organizations long-term viability.

Implementing a Compensation and Incentive Plan

I need some assistance with implementing a compensation and incentive plan for workers in coffee house. How would I structure a reward and recognition plan that supports our mission? Our key objective is being to make the best coffee all while inspiring humanity. Instructions: Create a comprehensive compensation and incentive

Wage Surveys

Describe the relevant market for Lowe's Home Improvement Center as it attempts to set pay rates in your local community. Based on your experience would the pay rates at the local convenience store, supermarket, bank, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or any other store at the mall be part of the relevant market for Lowe's as it seeks to set


On the criterion of fairness, one would argue that two employees doing comparable work should draw comparable wages. Unions, too, would want comparable wages as they must protect the interests of all members. However, there are situations within the same national union when members earn different wages. Consider the followin

Factors affecting pay rate

As an employee you know that pay rates are affected by many factors. For this discussion review the 13 factors listed below. Then choose only 3 of the 13 factors and discuss specific ways in which each might influence pay. (Outside sources with references can be used) Pay factors: 1. Knowledge and skills required 2. Kin

Cost Efective Alternatives to HMOs

You are the compensation manager for a manufacturing company of about 200 employees. You are responsible for the company's healthcare budget. The company has been spending an increasing amount of money on health insurance every year with no relief in sight. Currently, the company offers one plan, a traditional HMO that employees

Compensation Management for Warehouse Manager

- As the compensation manager for a local Internet training company your are tasked to determine how well the salaries in the instructional designers dept. measure up to other companies in the same field. Outline the steps you would take to determine this and compose a draft memo to your CEO showing your results. Also, make reco

Benefits for Part Time Employees

Employers have the right to decide what benefits to offer which employees other than those legally required. Some employers choose to provide benefits only to full-time employees, while some choose to include part-time employees in their benefit plans. Read the following article: