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    Compensation Strategies

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    Factors that Affect a Firm's Pay Policy

    Define pay policy. Which competitive pay policy would you recommend to an employer? Why? Does it depend on circumstances faced by the employer? If so, which ones? If you have a citation please include. Thanks.

    Reviewing Job Analysis Processes

    Why are job analyses important in an organization? Describe the information that should be included in a job analysis as well as methods of collecting it. Also explain the connection that exists among job analysis, job description and job specification.

    Benefits Required by the Federal Government

    Employee benefits have become very important to many employees. When benefits are cut, employees can become disgruntled and feel cheated. Many employees do not realize or understand the difference between the benefits required and miscellaneous benefits. Identify and explain in detail those benefits that are mandated/required fo

    Four tenets of pay models

    What are the four policy issues in the pay model? What purposes do the objectives in the pay model serve?

    Balanced Scorecard and Employee Compensation

    Compare the salaries for the same job in two (2) different geographic locations within the United States. Speculate on two (2) economic influences that may impact the pay difference in the two (2) geographic areas you selected. Propose two (2) ways an organization can respond to these conditions. Justify your response. What

    Tips for Writing Letter to Management

    I have been working for a company for almost 7 years in the same position. We are offered a Salary with Quarterly incentive of $1300. Our team consists of approximately 8 sales reps who are responsible for closing deals. My responsibility is then to manage the sale from inception to completion. The role consists of sales support

    Compensation - Pay Leader or Follower

    Company executives, along with HR managers/compensation committees, must decide if their organization will be a pay leader or follower. Strategically, companies should be certain they are able to operate and still make a profit. Think of a company that follows a lag policy and a company that follows a lead policy. Why do they

    Legal Requirements of Fair Pay Programs

    As an HR professional, recommend at least three (3) steps you can take to ensure that your company's pay program is fair and equitable. Provide a rationale for your response. Determine the legal requirements that an organization must meet when establishing a pay structure. Speculate on the requirement that you believe is most

    Employee Compensation and Job Evaluation

    If you were managing employee compensation, how would you recommend that your company evaluate the usefulness of its job evaluation or person-based plans? And, be sure to provide supporting documentation to validate your response.

    Organization structure

    1.Examine at least three (3) approaches that you can take as the HR manager to conduct a job analysis of the Customer Service Representative position. Suggest the major pros and cons of each selected approach. Recommend the approach that would be most effective in conducting the job analysis for this organization. Justify your r

    Memo to CEO

    You are the human resources manager for a small technology company. Currently you have 50 regular full-time employees. The CEO wants to add additional staff to complete a project, but is not comfortable with hiring the ten people that are needed for the project all at once as full-time employees. Based upon your knowledge of con

    Similarities and difference of contingent worker

    What similarities and differences exist regarding how a contingent worker is compensated? Discuss how the economic reality test and the right to control tests are used to determine whether a person is an employee or an independent worker. Need specific information on economic reality and right to control tests.

    Two-Tier Wage Structures

    Will the two-tier wage structure go away in the near future? Summarize the pressures to eliminate it as well as the pressures to keep it. Be sure to consider labor costs and productivity of workers and plants at others companies and in other parts of the world. You may wish to do some research on the new Volkswagen plant in Chat

    CEO Compensation and Fairness

    Congress considered proposals that would limit the level of pay of top executives to a multiple of the pay of the lowest-paid employees. (For example, top executives could be paid no more than 10 times that of the lowest paid employee.) Do you think such a proposal is desirable? Why? Explain the effect the proposal is likely to

    Benefits and issues of a merit pay system

    You are the Total Rewards Director for your organization. Over the past few years employees have been leaving to work for competitors. The CEO has expressed that she wants to conduct an organization wide review of the company's current compensation strategy. The company now uses a seniority pay rewards system. The CEO wants to k

    Professional Compensation

    Jay Spento is returning to his office after attending the grand opening of the 20th location of EasySpa. As the Director of Human Resources at this growing chain of day spas, Jay has faced many challenges. Opening this latest location took a significant amount of time for Jay and his staff and they have fallen behind on some imp

    Human Resourse Management: Part-time Employee Benefits

    With just under 100 employees, Jackson, Smith and Henderson CPA (JSH) is considered one of the fastest growing certified public accounting (CPA) firms in the area. Alan Jones was recently hired as the director of human resources and has many challenges ahead of him as he works to formalize the human resource practices of the fir

    Creating a Salary Range

    Using the attached materials, create a single salary range for the organization, and slot all the jobs into one of the grades. Please provide a brief explanation of why you placed each job where you did, e.g. what you used to make the determination. Brief job descriptions: IT Department I/T Manager: Manages a group of devel

    Skill Based Pay

    In 1987 Edward E. Lawler and Gerald E. Ledford's article "Skill-Based Pay: A Concept That's Catching On" was published in Management Review. The authors stated, "It is reasonable to assume that skill-based pay will become more and more popular in coming years." Lawler, Edward E., III, & Ledford, Gerald E., Jr. (1987). Skill-

    Pay Based on the Employee

    The technicians at Mitron Computers are integral to the company's success. Mitron builds custom personal computers for several office supply chains. The company's ability to build a quality product to specifications in an efficient manner allows Mitron to hold an advantage over competitors. However, recently the company has expe

    The Importance of Job Evaluation Programs

    What are some of the reasons why job evaluation programs are essential for organizations? How do job evaluation programs improve the structure of an organization? Please provide examples. Please include some references for further research.

    Unions and Contingent Workers

    Why do unions typically disagree with companies using contingent workers? Although companies rely on contingent workers, is it always cheaper to employ contingent workers instead of regular employees? Why, or why not?

    Retirement Programs and Employee Benefits

    Outline the differences that exist among the various types of retirement programs available. Which retirement program, in your opinion, provides the most benefit to employees? Explain your choice.

    Patient Protection Affordability Care Act (PPACA)

    The new Patient Protection Affordability Care Act (PPACA) requires certain employers to provide health insurance to eligible employees. There has been a lot of litigation surrounding this new law; however, the United States Supreme Court has ruled the law is constitutional and valid. Explain an employer's obligation under the re

    Creating job descriptions

    Create job descriptions and at least three pay level structures for one of the following positions: Warehouse Manager, Call Center Representative, or Director of Operations for a nonprofit organization.

    Job Evaluation and Compensation

    What is job evaluation, and how is it used by compensation professionals? Discuss the various techniques used in job evaluation.