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    You are the human resources manager for a small technology company. Currently you have 50 regular full-time employees. The CEO wants to add additional staff to complete a project, but is not comfortable with hiring the ten people that are needed for the project all at once as full-time employees. Based upon your knowledge of contingent and alternative work arrangements, what would you suggest to the CEO? Draft a memo to the CEO explaining your recommendations. Make sure you justify your reasons as to why you chose the options you selected. You may offer suggestions with any combination of the contingent staff discussed in our textbook. You will need to cover ten full-time positions using contingent workers.

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    //Contingent work has been applied by a number of business organizations with an aim to make employment relationship more flexible and include a variety of skills in completion of a complex projects. This type of relationship is considered to be beneficial both for the employer and the employee. With the help of this type of workforce, business organizations targets to develop a competitive advantage for the long term survival of an organization. This section presents a description about the advantages of hiring a contingent workforce and reason for selecting such a workforce.//
    Human Resource Manager
    Date: 28 July 2014
    Title: Explanation of using contingent employees for a project
    Contingent workforce and work arrangement is considered as the new form of work arrangement that can be used by our business organization in order to complete the project on time. In order to complete ...

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