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CEO memo

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I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write the attachment memo into active voice.

To: Zilack Corporation
CC: Executive Management Team
From: James Zilack, Jr. CEO
Date: 12/8/2008
Re: Doubling Sales
Ladies and Gentlemen,
A goal of doubling our sales has been established by my executive management team. This is a newly created, bold and audacious goal made possible by a win-win relationship with a white knight in the form of a venture capital firm. Retaining and hiring high quality human capital will be made possible by this new investment. Adoption of new leading edge technology and increased capacity will also be made possible by this infusion of new investment. Our company's executive management team sees an exciting future for the organization.
Our goal can only be met with your help and that of the other middle managers of the company. We want you to empower your people, create synergy by re-organizing your department, establish operational goals that can be measured, reported and will be continuously improved.
The latent talents of our employees, we believe, are a source of untapped sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Reaching our goal of doubling sales is reliant on successfully engaging employees, our management team feels strongly about that. These efforts stand to be derailed by employee dissatisfaction if we do not do something about it right away. The sources of dissatisfaction must be found and fixed with the help of our Human Resources department. Accomplishing this objective is believed to be one of your highest priorities.
My executive management team and I believe that to efficiently manage your departments' limited resources you must effectively plan, organize, lead and control the activities and tasks. Mistakes were made in the past. Taking the goals given to you by your Vice-President, and breaking them down to supporting activities and tasks is the way for you to be a successful manager.
Good luck with your plans, we are counting on you.
James Zilack Jr. CEO
Zilack Corporation

The CEO memo must be written with the following in mind:

Convert to active voice.
Summarize memo using an eighth-grade reading level.
Use the Flesch-Kincaid scale to verify the level and readability.show results
Accurately represent the message of the original memo.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

My executive management team has doubled the sales goal. A venture capital firm has made possible this bold move. The new investment will allow us to recruit and retain excellent employees, adopt new technology and increase capacity. The management sees a bright future for the company. ...

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