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Similarities and difference of contingent worker

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What similarities and differences exist regarding how a contingent worker is compensated? Discuss how the economic reality test and the right to control tests are used to determine whether a person is an employee or an independent worker. Need specific information on economic reality and right to control tests.

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//Contingent workers are the type of workers who are hired by a business organization for a shorter time-period. They are hired on contract basis and also hold a number of part-time jobs. In this section, information about the contingent workers and how these workers are compensated is described in detail.//
In the past two decades, contingent workers and the work arrangement have proliferated in the industrialized world. These types of contingent workers include temporary, on-call, contracting, part-time and employee leasing, who work for a limited time period. A contingent worker can be defined in simpler terms as an individual who does not have any explicit or implicit form of contract for longer term of employment. These types of workers can be found in different occupations with a variety of skills, and the level at which they are paid is also different. According to a report presented by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2005, these contingent workers constitute a small percent of total labor force (Stickney, 2008). There are a number of advantages that are associated with the contingent workers as these forces are flexible in nature and help in saving the operating cost. With the help of this form of labor force, a business organization can access expertise immediately and also save the compensation cost for the long-term (Robinson, et al., 2013).
It has been observed by various scholars that ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 853 words with references.