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    Contingent Workers: Role in today's organizations; impact of changes on compensation

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    Contingent workers are assuming a greater role in today's organization. With that as a background, discuss compensation and benefit issues associated with the following workers: part-time, temporary, independent workers, and flexible/telecommuting.

    What impact may these changes have on an organization's compensation plan?

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    Contingent Workers

    Contingent workers grow in numbers in today's organization and are beneficial to employees. The company benefit and compensation package, usually available only to full-time and salaried employees, is very expensive to the company. Benefits and compensation packagers lower with much of the workforce being contingent workers.

    However, millions of contingent workers "are not covered by workers' compensation insurance for medical benefits for work-related injury and illness" (Lykins, 2011). Often, as contingent workers, the part-time, temporary, independent workers and flexible/telecommuting workers are not covered by workers' compensation insurance nor do they receive any company benefits and ...

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    Contingent workers and the impact of change on compensations are examined. The role in today's organizations are determined.