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    Compensation Strategies

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    On the criterion of fairness, one would argue that two employees doing comparable work should draw comparable wages. Unions, too, would want comparable wages as they must protect the interests of all members. However, there are situations within the same national union when members earn different wages. Consider the followin

    Factors affecting pay rate

    As an employee you know that pay rates are affected by many factors. For this discussion review the 13 factors listed below. Then choose only 3 of the 13 factors and discuss specific ways in which each might influence pay. (Outside sources with references can be used) Pay factors: 1. Knowledge and skills required 2. Kin

    Cost Efective Alternatives to HMOs

    You are the compensation manager for a manufacturing company of about 200 employees. You are responsible for the company's healthcare budget. The company has been spending an increasing amount of money on health insurance every year with no relief in sight. Currently, the company offers one plan, a traditional HMO that employees

    Compensation Management for Warehouse Manager

    - As the compensation manager for a local Internet training company your are tasked to determine how well the salaries in the instructional designers dept. measure up to other companies in the same field. Outline the steps you would take to determine this and compose a draft memo to your CEO showing your results. Also, make reco

    Benefits for Part Time Employees

    Employers have the right to decide what benefits to offer which employees other than those legally required. Some employers choose to provide benefits only to full-time employees, while some choose to include part-time employees in their benefit plans. Read the following article: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/companies-offering

    Compensation Benefit Package Design Plan

    1. As the total rewards director for a large domestic manufacturing company the CEO has announced that they will be opening a new foreign production plant next year in Mexico. This new plant needs to be up and running by the deadline set by the CEO. In order to meet that deadline the company must send ten U. S. based employees,

    Pay Structure in Manufacturing

    As the compensation manager for a growing manufacturing company I have been tasked by the CEO to develop a formal pay structure. She wants a PowerPoint presentation explaining the specific steps needed in order to create a new pay structure. Include your recommendations for each step w/ APA references at the end.

    Issues in HR: Compensation, Organizational Policies & Procedures

    1) From a HR perspective and looking the current state of our economy, which do you is valued the most....compensation, rewards, incentives, or benefits and why? From an employee perspective which do you is valued the most and why? Do you think that what is valued most changes throughout the years as you get older? What impact w

    Compensation: Benefits

    Describe the compensation that you receive in the form of benefits. Which are "mandatory", and which are "voluntary"? Of the voluntary benefits, which are taxable, tax exempt, or tax deferred? Based on some of the following readings: The following short chapter provides an excellent foundation in understanding the history

    Bilingual workers

    What specific steps can organizations take to ensure that bilingual workers' skills are compensated when these skills are job relevant, in order to encourage bilingualism among employees and to reduce resistance to Spanish speakers?

    Broadbanding for Short and Smith

    Can you please help me answer the following question based on the attached information (Word document): - What is broadbanding? What are its benefits and drawbacks to an organization the size of Short Smith? - Provide a private-sector (business) example: an organization with a broadbanding pay system and whether or not i

    Workers Compensation and Risk Management

    I need help with the following questions. I need specific details on each question to help me better understand the content and materials as I am having a difficult time with this. Please utilize the references along with outside references (anything to help) in which I have attached when helping to explain the questions' answer

    Traditional Bases for Pay: Seniority and Merit

    Mary is a model employee and works as a supervisor for a construction company. She has been an employee for more than 15 years. Mary is the only female supervisor and one of only a handful of women in a very male dominated company. Her male peers have been there on average five years less and have been promoted much faster than

    Cost Volume Profit Analysis of Monteray Co.

    Please provide some assistance in solving Monteray Co. break-even and margin of sales problems: (attached as well) Monteray Co. makes and sells a single product. The current selling price is $4 per unit. Variable expenses are $8.4 per unit, and fixed expenses total $33,700 a month. a. Calculate the break-even point e

    Employee Generational Differences

    A unique recruitment and retention challenge faced by current CEO's is that for the first time in history multiple generations work side by side. "Each group has its own distinct characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work, based on its generation's life experiences" (American Management Association, 2007, ¶ 2). For this

    Job Evaluation Method: Factor Comparison Method

    I am in need of help for the following to get started on this project. Thank you. Based on the job evaluation methods mentioned in your textbook, use the CSU Online Library to look up additional information about the method you believe is best. Describe the evaluation method, explain your decision for choosing it, and use spe

    Management Compensation Discussion

    1. The suggestion system has been a major element in any employer plan to encourage greater employee involvement. Explain the factors that failed many systems. 2. Describe the various kinds of short-term incentives used by organizations, and explain why organizations design them. APA FORMAT.

    Job Offer Case Study Analysis

    Based on the case study below, I am looking for a case study (3 page minimum) that not only answers the three questions below, but also loosely follows this outline: •Identify both the key issues and the underlying issues. In identifying the issues, you should be able to connect them to the HR principles which apply to thi

    Evaluating Compensation Methods

    Consider the article "Adenosine Therapeutics LLC: Accounting for a Different Compensation Method" (Evans & Haskins, 2007). Next, using outside sources that you may seek and your professional experience, develop and write a 3- to 4-page paper concisely answering the following questions: (A4.1) What is the basic accounting rese

    Compensation and Benefits/Pay Structure

    Explain why more than one pay structure may be needed in an organization. Discuss the role between internal worth and market value. 300 WORDS AND APA FORMAT

    Process of Developing a Competitive Compensation System

    1. Explain how an organization can balance external competitiveness with internal equity to achieve a successful market-based compensation program. 2. Illustrate with actual examples of employers achieving this balance. Also, provide examples of organizations failing to achieve one or both and illustrate what might result.

    Compensation Management 6

    What are job evaluation methods? Base on these methods which information about the method you believe is best.? Describe the evaluation method, explain your decision for choosing it, and use specific examples to support your answer. APA FORMAT AND 600 WORDS

    Compensation and Benefits

    1.Describe the differences between a job description, a position description, and a class description. Use an example of each. APA FORMAT 300 words or more 2. Explain how job descriptions help in complying with government legislation. APA FORMAT 300 WORDS OR MORE

    Flawed Performance Appraisal Process

    Describe a performance review situation in which you (or someone that you know) were involved and summarize one aspect of it based upon either (1) that which was done correctly or (2) that which was done incorrectly, as they relate to the topics indicated in Exhibit 11.9, page 388. (Please do not provide the name of the organ

    Performance Appraisal: Importance and Errors

    Please assist me with information concerning the attached article. I would like to have 500-700 word explanation. According to Dulebohn & Ferris (1999) performance appraisal represents a central function of human resources management and has remained an important topic of investigation among organization research. According

    Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

    Of the many reimbursements and allowances that U.S. companies make for employees who take foreign assignments, which one is the most essential? Discuss your reasons.

    Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

    Allowances and reimbursements for international assignments are costly. Should companies avoid international business activities? Explain your answer. If you answer no, what can companies do to minimize costs?

    Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

    Discuss your reaction to the following statement: "U.S. companies should increase base pay (beyond the level that would be paid in the United States) to motivate employees to accept foreign assignments."