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Compensation Management for Warehouse Manager

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- As the compensation manager for a local Internet training company your are tasked to determine how well the salaries in the instructional designers dept. measure up to other companies in the same field. Outline the steps you would take to determine this and compose a draft memo to your CEO showing your results. Also, make recommendations to your CEO concerning the pay rates based on the information you gathered from your research.

-Why is it important to design internally consistent compensation systems? Explain how the job analysis process is used to create a compensation system.

- Create job descriptions and at least three pay level structures for a Warehouse Manager.

Please include references

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TO: CEO, XYZ Company
FROM: Compensation Manager, XYZ Company,
DATE: January 26th, 2014
SUBJECT: Competitiveness of Salaries in the Instructional Designers Department

I have first outlined the steps that I have taken to determine how the salaries in the instructional department measure up to other companies in the same field. I will follow this with recommendations relating to pay rates based on the information gathered from the research.

The first step that I have taken is to identify surveys with comparators. I have taken data from two sources so that our comparison can be more meaningful. The second step is to compare external data with the internal pay average in the instructional designer's department. The third step is to make recommendations.

I have used internet based sources so that these can be examined from time to time. According to Indeed, the average Instructional Designer Salary is $65,000. Also, according to eLearning Guild Salary Calculator, the average salary for Instructional Designers is $74,324 (1) (2). Compared to these salaries the average salary for Instructional Designers in our company is $59,000.

According to eLearning Guild Salary Calculator ...

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