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    Compliance position interview questions

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    I plan on applying for positions in the Compliance field of a Bank. I don't like interviewing and get extremely nervous. I want to prepare way ahead of time, so I can be prepared when the time comes. Please assist with the below set of questions to the best of your knowledge based on experience. This would be more suitable for someone who is in either the compliance field or someone in the HR field who has experience dealing with compliance positions.

    1. What are 5 of your major accomplishments?

    2. What are your strengths?

    3. What are your weaknesses?

    4. Walk me through an onboarding process?

    5. Tell me what KYC is.

    6. Tell me what Quality Assurance is?

    7. Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

    8. Why are you interested in joining XYZ company?

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    1. My five achievements are:
    a) I have successfully used banking laws, regulations and guidance to prevent a major violation and possible prosecution during my previous employment.
    b) I was successful with high grade in the Law course during my graduation.
    c) I successfully led two persons for carrying out a compliance audit during my employment.
    d) I have successfully filed RBS-CFG compliance reports three times during my previous job.
    e) I have produced internal compliance report for my previous employer.

    2. My strengths include the following. I can independently carry out Business Unit Risk Assessment. I can provide full regulatory risk advice and information about changing regulatory developments. I can review regulatory risks associated with new ...

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