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    Interviews: Positive Factors, Undermining Factors

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    1. What are some factors that can make for a good/effective interview?

    2. What are some factors that can undermine the usefulness of an interview? How can these be overcome?

    3. Add 3 sentences (and only 3 sentences) to share your experience of a good (or bad) interview that you had and why it was good (or bad).

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    An important factor that makes for a good/effective interview is the ability for each participant to be upfront and honest with the other party. This is made possible through effective questions that are applicable to the position. A very important factor is the ease at which an interviewer puts the applicant. Being too nervous can cause an interview to go amiss, which will be more the result of nerves more than aptitude. It is important that both parties are prepared for the interview. The interviewer must have questions in mind that are consistently asked all applicants, while taking into account an ...

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    This solution identifies factors that can make a good/effective interview; some factors that can undermine the usefulness of an interview and how to overcome them, and offers sentences that share your experiences of a good or bad interview.