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Compensation and Benefits of high level executives

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Read the "Investing in Me" article at the following link: http://www.newstatesman.com/society/2008/05/self-improvement-india . In tough economic times, compensation and benefits for high level executives are scrutinized throughout the world. Equity in pay, performance based compensation, bonuses and stock options are all fodder for debate. Sometimes expenditures such as these are looked at by stockholders, governments, and the citizens as wasteful. Summarize the article, determine what cultural issues are at play regarding the discussion, and defend what was done AND come up with another way to take care of employees and defend your position.

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As the question states, whenever economic status begins to falter in any country, a percentage of people have a tendency to look at those who are still in good financial standing, whether it's the government, corporations, or certain individuals. Corporations are generally the first target because of the high salaries oftentimes paid in these corporations. The question then becomes, "why is so-and-so still taking a $2 million salary of the economy is failing?" We have the same situation in this case. A certain percentage of people would wonder why a company would end all extraneous spending in times of economic turmoil, including training and development initiatives. The key word really is extraneous. What is extraneous to some companies is not extraneous to others, but is instead deemed as necessary, based upon ...

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