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Differences between employee/executive compensation packages

How does executive compensation differ from the compensation packages provided for other employees? Describe some of the incentives available for executives.

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Executive compensation plans are usually given to CEO's, Presidents and senior Vice Presidents of organizations. Just as employees are rewarded for bringing profit to the business, executives are also compensated for a business meeting or exceeding prescribed goals. Some think that because of their high level of responsibility in the business, executives should be compensated on a larger scale than other employees. The amounts of compensation are sometimes astronomical - according to the textbook, the head of Citigroup was paid a $293 million bonus, and the head of AOL/Time Warner received $164 million!

Regular employees are not compensated unless their performance warrants it. Executives have received severance packages and bonuses in excess of $12 million even when their companies lost money.

Executive compensation is paid in a number of ways: executive salaries, executive bonus plans, long-term performance incentives, supplemental benefits, and perks.

Stock options have ...

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