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Gender Compensation Discussion

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A female is socializing after work with some co-workers. At dinner, a couple of her male co-workers start discussing salary and talking about other job offers with more money. Her male counterparts were currently making at least $5,000 more a year than her. She suddenly understands that she has been making less, with no immediately discernible reason, for at least the last five years. This would reflect gender discrimination but could be hindered by the statute of limitations. How should the female handle this type of situation? Looking for different views and ideas on this type of situation.

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This solution analyzes the gender pay difference scenario listed. Each pertinent legal issue is also discussed.

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The first step that she needs to take is to discuss her concerns with management. As per the scenario, there is "no immediately discernible reason" why the pay amounts are different. This needs to be verified. Unless she knows the exact nature and all responsibilities of each of the involved colleagues, then she really can't positively state that their jobs are comparable, with minimal differences. The EEOC states that the jobs don't have to be exact, but they do have to be "substantially equal." Therefore, she first needs to show that the jobs are, in fact, substantially equal. This can now go one of two main ways...

1. She talks with management and determines that the jobs are not ...

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