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Compensation Strategies

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C&DS6-5, Chapter 6 in "Fundamentals of Financial Accounting". Assume you work as an Accountant in the merchandising division of a large public company that makes and sells athletic clothing. To encourage the merchandising division to earn as much profit on each individual sale as possible, the division manager's pay is based,

Develop a new Compensation and Benefits package to enhance recruiting & retention

The Role of an Effective Compensation Package As the head of the HR department, you are required to develop a new compensation and benefits package to enhance recruiting and retention in the organization with the strategic objective of increasing overall production within the organization 25% over the next 5 years. If you do

Compensation and Benefits issues: discrimination, benefit package, merit pay

1. Angela Lacy, an African American employee in your accounts receivable department, has filed a charge of discrimination, alleging she was unfairly passed over for promotion and regularly receives smaller pay increases than do employees who perform less well (she alleges). You have to go to your boss, the VP of HR, and explain

Job Evaluation Decisions to Consider in Human Resources

Imagine that you have just received a temporary job, and you are in charge of the HR Department for the month of February, 2008. During your tenure with the HR Dept., you must think about job evaluations for all middle-management positions. What are some of the job evaluation decisions you will probably need to consider?

organization's compensation/reward system

Please post your required points for essay below. Please prepare the answer to the following question based on your own professional experience. Please provide at least one APA reference. What are the most important laws and regulations that affect your organization's compensation/reward system? Describe at least one of thos

Executive Summary: Occupational Health and Safety Issues

Can you help me get started on the following assignment? Prepare a 750-1,000-word executive summary in which you identify and analyze at least two to three occupational health and safety issues. Be sure to examine the occupation health and safety legislation that could possibly impact your selected Virtual Organization. Addit

Dominion Resources: shareholder approval of executive pay above $1M.

In March 2004, the pension plan of the Utility Workers Union of America proposed changing the corporate bylaws of Dominion Resources, Inc., so that in the future, management had to get shareholder approval of executive pay exceeding $1 million, as well as detailed information about the firm's executive incentive plans. Many unio

Common Compensation Terms

1.) A common compensation term used today is "total rewards." What does it mean to you and do you see value in it? 2.) Another common compensation term is "pay-for-performance." What does it mean and how could your current organization better use the philosophy? 3.) What benefit that your company provides is th

The importance of total compensation

What is "total compensation" and why is this concept important? What are the elements that accumulate to establish "total compensation?" Why do you include these elements, or what is the importance of each element?

Ethical Issues in Compensation Strategy

This solution explores the ethical issues and considerations that have the potential to influence an organization's compensation decisions. This solution further investigates the ethical dilemmas a company faces when developing a compensation strategy.

Compensation and the Ethical Standard

For many people, today's pay issues have become synonymous with ethics issues.Where is the ethical bottom line in compensation policy? Propose an ethical standard or statement as a model for any company. Try to build consensus on what language best reflects the ethical standard for paying employees today. Do not limit your discu

Key Factors Affecting Compensation and Benefits; Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

(1) EatNGas, Inc., founded in 1991, is a family-owned corporation with 15 combination convenience store/gas station locations and approximately 150 employees. A store manager is responsible for each store location. All accounting, budgeting, payroll, human resources, bulk ordering, energy corporation franchising, and overhead co

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Communicating Compensation and Benefits Policy Pay and bonuses are the things that get talked about most-yet are also the things about which we are asked to keep quiet. If a total compensation policy is solid, why would you not want to be honest and tell your employees and customers exactly what you are doing? Here are yo

Case Study Analyses - A.H. Robbins

III.) Analyze and Evaluate Alternatives (Chris) A. What area do problems exist? 1.) What caused them?/ Executives falsifying records 2.) Why?/To prevent harm to stakeholders B. Strengths and weaknesses of the processes 1.) Effectiveness of managerial competencie

Select a web source for competitive market data on employment and evalulate it

Web sources, consultants, word of mouth, and formal surveys are all sources of information used to determine competitive position in compensation. We have all heard the phrase, "I am underpaid." And, many of us have heard the response, "If you can get it elsewhere, go for it." So what market data is most relevant to determine a

Compensation & Benefits - Eat n Gas

Please help so that I can complete this: Details: After receiving a positive response from EatNGas, Inc. management about the recommendations for the incentives and performance appraisal projects, the HR generalist has been assigned a project that will prove to be very challenging: assessing the competitiveness of the compan

Application of Unemployment Compensation

Can you help explain the application of Unemployment Compensation in the current employment environment and describe the impetus of Unemployment Compensation as well as how it evolved from organized labor activity into a more widespread application?

Compensation in Consulting

Consulting rewards its managers based on performance. A measure of performance is profitability. Another measure may be growth in stock value. Profit has decreased by 50% from the prior year amount of $80,000. Stock value has increased by 20% from its prior year level of $200,000. If the manager's compensation is based on 25% of

Compensation Strategies

Can you please help me to identify and research the compensation strategies for two companies? For each company selected, discuss the following (A) evaluate the compensation strategies for executives of each company and (B) evaluate compensation strategies for sales forces and contingent workers of each company. Please cite

Compensation Structure

Hello, Can you help me to understand and put a compensation structure in place for Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler foods have to determine compensation rates for each of the six positions Store Manager, Cashier, Stock Person, Specialty Department Worker, Department Manager, and Bagger. In order to successfully complete this task, I

Total Compensation and Associated Variables

What is "total compensation?" What are the variables that accumulate to establish "total compensation?" Why? What sorts of interesting creative benefits have you received? Did it make a difference in how you felt about the job?

Explain the role of compensation and its influence on employee behavior.

You are working in a Human Resources Department. You and your boss got into a discussion about compensation, behavior, and motivators. You are asked to write a memo proposing alternative ways to recognize employees for their contributions and to reward them in a nonmonetary way that would have value to the employees. Choose an

Recognization of Compensation Expense

G of O, Inc, grants its president 2000 stock options on Jan 1 2004, that gives him rights to purchase shares of the company for $40 per share on Dec 31, 2005. At the time the options were granted, the fair value of the options totaled $20,000. At Dec 31, 2004, the company's stock sold for $45 per share and at Dec 31, 2005, the s