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    Role of compensation and influences on employee behavior

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    Discuss what you would do if you were offered a job that paid very well versus one that you have right now that fulfills a passion. For example, you are teaching close to home and are offered a job to do construction work in Saudi Arabia that pays three times what you are making now.

    The outcome of what you share will give personal insights into your passions and what you would do. In turn, it can give you ideas about passions and decisions made by other people.

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    If I was to chose between a job that paid very well versus one that fulfills my passion, I will certainly chose the latter one because the chances of growth and progress will be maximum in a job that fulfills my passion. In other words, if I will be passionate about a job and will derive maximum possible satisfaction from doing that job, my commitment and devotion towards such job will be maximum and thus, the chances to grow in that job will be higher as compared to a job that is not appealing to me.

    A person should not opt for job that offers shorter term benefits. Instead, he or she should go for a job that may not be paying at this time, but offers opportunity to fulfill the passion and interest of the concerned individual. In such a job, an individual will be motivated to excel and will do all the job related tasks whole heartedly and will try to gain maximum knowledge from such job, thereby increasing the chances ...

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    Explain the role of compensation and its influence on employee behavior