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    A Learning Experience

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    Learning is characterized as "any relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience". This also means that it also happens outside of schools, e.g. at workplaces.

    Give us an example of such a "lesson" that helped you to improve your job performance.

    Try to generalize this isolated experience of yours into a "training method" that would help others to improve their performance as well.

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    I have learned many lessons in the many years of my work experiences. The following are some of the important things that I have learned at work with the hope that sharing them will help others to improve their performance as well.

    1. Self-discipline. When I first had my job, I was not very particular with disciplining myself in terms of reporting for work early and on time. There were times that I was late at work and I was called many times by the supervisor. The reason for this is that I was slow in many things that I do. I was not recommended for permanency after my first job because of this. After that, I realized that I should discipline myself more so that I will be retained in any job that I do. It took strong determination on my part to improve my attendance and performance by training myself to work faster ...

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    The solution cites an example of a learning experience that helped improve job performance. The example is generalized into a 'training method' that would help others improve their performance as well. References included.