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    Discussing an Informal Learning Experience

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    Task: Write a paper describing a single, informal learning experience you have had. You may include a time when you learned to fear something, love something, hate something, or to accomplish a task. You may describe, for instance, how you became afraid of heights, why a particular food or smell moves you emotionally, or why you dislike elevators. The experience must be concrete and can be a singular experience or an experience that occurred over a longer period. Describe the experience by applying learning theories to the steps involved in the learning experience. Be sure to include the following in your paper:

    a. Identify what you learned from the experience(s).
    b. Describe how your learning could have occurred through classical conditioning. Identify the unconditioned stimulus, the unconditioned response, the conditioned stimulus, and the conditioned response.
    c. Explain how your learning could have occurred through operant conditioning. Describe the behavior, consequence, and reinforcement. Indicate the schedule of reinforcement, if applicable.
    d. Address how your learning could have occurred through cognitive-social learning.
    e. Discuss the influences of media and prejudice on learning.
    f. Conclude by comparing and contrasting classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and cognitive-social learning.

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    Learning Experience

    Learning is defined as the process of acquiring new skills, behavior, knowledge, habit or taste. Learning is a change acquired as a result of experience. This paper studies a personal learning experience in relation with various aspects of the learning theory.

    Learning Experience

    I dislike going to crowded places, especially to parties. I tend to lose my confidence and feel uncomfortable when I go to parties. This dislike for parties has developed in me due to a childhood experience. When I was a seven year old child, I went with my mother to attend a birthday party at a friends. There was a small competition for all the kids who attended the party where kids had to display their talents. All the kids had been informed prior of this competition so that they could prepare something. I had learned a poem for this purpose. At the party when I went to speak, all eyes were on me and I forgot the lines. I just managed to speak one line and it was followed by a long silence accompanied with jeers of kids mocking at me. This incident made me develop a hostile feeling towards parties.


    Through this experience I developed a hostile attitude towards parties and crowded places. I learned to dislike parties and crowded places.

    Classical ...