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Business Plan

Amount of cash you are spending to sustain operations

Draft a business plan for my photography business My fees include..... Studio rental $480 a month Camera lens $ 2,500 one time fee Props $2000 one time fee Photoshop software $200 one time fee My total start up fees were $2,700 I have 5000 cash on hand to start my business. I need to calculate these formulas and answ

Business Plan

An example business plan with cash flow projections.

Plan for sole proprietorship business in service industry

Identify issues that may be relevant for a business in the service industry Develop a plan and a budget along with a timeline for project completion Communicate this plan by including communication and organization factors, effective listening and responding, and effective team communication.

Contract Administration Plan

Research the Internet using the search term 'preparing a contract administration plan' and review the information found. Consider the following: How does the development of a contract administration plan affect a company's business?

Advertising: Design an effective media plan for one brand and its product model

Discuss with your colleagues your most recent client project, which is a computer company. You are designing the media plan for one brand and its product model. Specify this information in your discussion. To design an effective plan, you know that social media is a large part of any marketing communications campaign today.

Business Plan

Student Inquiry: Please help me with this assignment. I have never had to put together a business plan for a lender in my 40 year business career.

Aggregate Planning in Business

1. What is aggregate planning? Provide an example of when you or your organization relied on aggregate planning. How did aggregate planning help you to achieve organizational goals? 2. Provide an example of how material requirements planning systems (MRPs) are used in your organization. How can MRPs be used to improve process

Advanced Entrepreneurship: Presentation of your Business Plan

Presenting Business Plans Consider the following scenario: A venture capitalist has expressed interest in potentially funding your new business venture and has asked for a presentation of your business plan. Write 4-6 paragraphs that will provide some guidelines that can be used for effectively presenting your plan to ventu

A Mortgage Sales Business Plan

Assist in writing a brief business plan - a plan that is good enough to persuade the audience. It needs to be a generic mortgage sales business plan. Below is just an example the plan does not have to be the same. Something short and simple, usage of at least one graph or chart can be used. 1. A. Business 1. Description of b

Create an original business plan for a childcare center

You have decided that you would like to formally start an entrepreneurial business. To ensure the success of your business, you will produce a business plan. The plan that you submit should contain at least the following components: Cover page Table of contents Executive summary Business description Definition of the mark

Incentive plans

Three different Group and individual incentive plans for a special education teacher with pros and cons that you envision yourself at in the next five years and which would be more appropriate?

Incentive Plans Paper

Incentive Plans Paper Examine how an organization's incentive plan relates to organizational objectives. Evaluate how the incentives plans do, or do not, help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. A well-defined and designed incentive plan helps motivate performance and recognizes individuals for their har

Beginning a Business Plan

Select a successful business person Help me write a letter to personnel tell him/ her of great business idea. Sell the business idea to the person Request loan or partnership from person 293 words

Sustainable Business Plan: Go Green campaign. Discuss how to overcome barriers.

1. When business leaders implement a sustainability plan, how do they inform their employees and the public they have launched a Go Green campaign? What details of the plan must they release or keep private? How might the plan affect the business's relationship with its employees, customers, and vendors? 2. Business leaders

Elements of a Business Plan

Can someone please help me with this case study? A highly-motivated colleague of yours has been running a part-time small business for additional income. Within the past couple of months the company started to experience rapid growth and your colleague would like to turn it into a full-time venture. The colleague realizes tha

Assess the business plan for Anywhere Remodeling Corporation

Review the following business plan: Anywhere Remodeling Corporation ummary_fc.cfm After carefully reviewing this business plan discuss the best financing mix for this new venture. Include but do not limit yourself to a discussion of the following issues:

New computer; start up costs, PVC, PVB, monthly payment

What would you include in your plan to convince your investors that your small business will generate income? Meg wants to buy a new computer for her business with Internet access. The cost is $5100. The cable company charges $200 to install and $50/mo usage fee. Meg expects to buy with a down payment of $100, financing the b

Business Plan Evaluation

I need help gathering ideas and writing my final. I only need around 300 words for each of the 3 question blocks. My final paper is a 4500 word paper about starting a construction company. 1. Why is developing a financial plan an important part of the entrepreneur's planning process? What are the basic financial statements a

Business Accounts Issue

Cost Allocations Here are a few items for discussion: Give some synonymous terms for traceable and non-traceable costs. Is the focus on variable or fixed costs in this module? Give a name for an expanded contribution margin income statement. Discussion questions: Are we using actual or estimated costs for plann

What are a chief financial officer's (CFO) two roles

Answer the following questions: ? What are a chief financial officer's (CFO) two roles? Use real-world examples to explain why these roles are important to a company's success. ? Explain business ethics in your own words. Why are business ethics important in strategic planning? How do business ethics affect the workplace