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Business Plan

Design a business plan for a new venture

You want to start your own business. You found an investment group that is willing to give you the capital needed for the first year of your business, but only if you can convince them you have a solid plan for the success of this business. Your investor is very concerned with how the accounting functions of this business will b

Business Plan Outline for W. J. Electronics, television repair and service

I'm trying to setup a business plan for myself; the service I and my husband will start is W.J. Electronics; he has fixed all types of televison for 30 years and I'm going to retire within 8 years from the military. We would like to setup a an electronics business within the Oxford, AL area, that will also service the surroundin

Global Computer Consultant: Develop a comprehensive Entity Business Plan

Global Computer Consultant: assist corporations and individuals in setting up computer networks. For the business venture selected, you need to develop initial business planning ideas that include the following: 1) Define the goal of the business. a) What goods or services are provided? b) Who

Business Plan for a Specialty high-end flooring contractor

See Attachment. 1) Entity Business Plan Provide information for the following business venture Specialty high-end flooring contractor: will install all floor types (imported tile, granite, marble, hard wood, and carpeting) as part of new construction or remodeling. b. For the business venture selected, you need to develo

How quality is linked to your organization's strategic plan

I need a 700-900 word paper in APA format regarding strategic quality management in the fictional company below. Up to two references can be used, but must be properly cited. The rest of the paper must be all original work. The paper is on: How quality is linked to your organization's strategic plan and strategic objectives.

Develop a comprehensive Entity Business Plan

Entity Business Plan a. Select one of the business ventures below: 1) Specialty high-end flooring contractor: will install all floor types (imported tile, granite, marble, hard wood, and carpeting) as part of new construction or remodeling. 2) Pilates Studio Franchise: individuals can take classes or work out on their ow

Business Continuity Planning

Discuss how business continuity testing may have identified deficiencies in the business continuity plan in China.

Disaster Response and Business Continuity Plan

Below are the full details of my assignment - the part I need help with is listed at the bottom. Submit your Disaster Response and Business Continuity Plan to the appropriate thread in the Main Newsgroup - From the role of a security/safety administrator in a large organization, develop a comprehensive 1750 to 2250 word disa

Departmental and Total Facilities Budget

Scenario: Fullhealth is one of the largest healthcare organizations in Helena, Montana. Fullhealth owns multiple lines of healthcare businesses including a health plan, three long-term care assisted living facilities, and two home healthcare agencies. There are three types of healthcare enrollee plans with the following

Financial Planning

1. Creating Personal Financial Statements. Based on the procedures presented in the chapter, prepare your current personal balance sheet and a cash flow statement for the next month. (Obj. 3) 2. Calculating Balance Sheet Amounts. Based on the following data, compute the total assets, total liabilities, and net worth. (Obj. 3)

Managing a Business

AOL Time Warner: Deal of the Century Turns into Disaster of a Lifetime Questions: Why did the media refer to the merger as the deal of the century? Why was Time Warner eager to merge with AOL? What challenges did AOL and Time Warner face as a merged company?. Visit the TimeWarner Website (http://www.timewarner.com).

Business Plan for a Service Business

I need help developing a business plan for a service driven company. The strengths are that the company is a Fortune 100 company, and has loyal customers. The company has good name brand. Weaknesses include lack of training for service reps, lagging customer satisfaction levels and the reps are not engaged. I just need a high l

International company expansion short term and long term goals.

Company is currently a U.S. based business, that is expanding to Germany. They manufacture automotive parts, and they hope to sell there parts to the German car manufacturers. Details: Provide to senior management a detailed summary explanation of the long-term and short-term goals that are vital in setting direction for the

Business Structures

Congratulations. You have decided to start a new business. You will begin a partnership with one other business associate that you trust and have known for several years. You plan to hire 3 managers and another 21 employees. discuss a plan of action that you and your partner would personally implement to avoid the 4 main fai

Consensus on a Business Plan

What were the biggest problems in reaching a consensus on the business plan? How were your differences resolved? Integrate and apply knowledge gained in other courses in the business administration curriculum. Use team and problem-solving skills to collaborate on a project. See the scenario applying to this question at t

Chinese Company Importing from USA

We are a company from China importing to the United States. I need to examine the role of external governance and its impact to the organization and second, describe the degree to which our organization will operate as a Centralized versus Decentralized Organization. Include a suggested organizational chart.

Business Plan

"Make recommendations to the viability of your business plan". The business is a coffee shop in Venezuela. I am using coffee, art, crafts and pastries from local farmers and residents. Description of organization Our company, is an American coffee business bringing coffee products of the highest quality to the public

Entrepreneurship: developing a business plan and dealing with key stakeholders.

Chad Frank and Kyle Carson, both in their 20s, worked for one of the largest package delivery services in the world, but their jobs on the package-sorting line were just that?jobs. Chad and Kyle wanted more from their work than their current jobs could offer. That's what led them to buy a local auto detailing business, Precision

Target's Strategy and Business Model

Discuss the relationship between Target's strategy and its business model, and why must a winning strategy fit the organizations internal and external environment.

Business finance dividends, earnings per share, degree of operating level

Sales............................................... $4,000,000 Less: Variable expense (50% of sales).... 2,000,000 Fixed expense............................ 1,500,000 Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)... 500,000 Interest (10% cost).............................. 140,000 Earnings before taxes (EBT).....

Contingency Planning Importance

Why is contingency planning important? Describe and discuss the necessary collaboration between business partners with respect to changes in 3 of the following areas in your response. Explain your rational. Provide any applicable examples. a. Share goals b. Shared vision c. Roles d. Information e. Focus f. F

Business Plan

Scenario: Able Corporation has just hired you for the newly created position of Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis. Able Corporation is an old and venerable American manufacturer of a full range of portable electric power tools (PEPT). The company, which was a family owned business, is being considered as a possible


This is a continuation to posting 91925. I will post part c as soon as you complete section a & b. Can we move deadline to earlier time? I'm seeking your professional assistance with the second component of an 18-Week Project on Pfizer, Inc. Please refer to all attachments. I'm working on a guide/description of what I'm ho