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    Business Continuity Planning

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    Discuss how business continuity testing may have identified deficiencies in the business continuity plan in China.

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    The concept of business continuity is to ensure that organizations are in a state of readiness, and prevention, response, and recovery/resumption of opertions in the event that a man made or natural disaster interupt normal operations. This would be the case for companies that experienced operational interference due to the earthquake in China. If a company in China would have taken the appropriate steps to implement a business continuity plan they would have gone through various steps to ensure that the company was prepared to deal with disaster. First and foremost the company would have identified a planning team responsible for not only the development of the plan, but also ensuring the proper implementaton and execution of the pan when the need arose. Further during the testing phase, the company would ...

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    This solution provides the learner with an overview of business continuity planning and uses the earthquake in China as an example to demonstrate how a disaster an help to identify deficiencies in an existing plan.