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    Business Plan outline

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    I'm trying to setup a business plan for myself; the service I and my husband will start is W.J. Electronics; he has fixed all types of televison for 30 years and I'm going to retire within 8 years from the military. We would like to setup a an electronics business within the Oxford, AL area, that will also service the surrounding areas such as: Anniston, Jacksonville.

    We would like to offer in store and home services; the home service is where our technicians will go to homes of customers who have larger televisions or those that are mounted on the wall and can't be brought into the store. We will also offer service contracts that will keep customers from paying high out of pocket expenses for repairs.

    This doesn't have to be anything elaborate. I just need to see how to setup a business plan for this: an outline for me to go by for this type of business.

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    I can do an outline for you.

    The first page should be a cover sheet with the name of the business, address, phone, email, website and principles of the business (along with their contact information).

    1. Statement of purpose

    2. Table of contents (do this after creating plan)


    A. Description of the Business
    B. The Market you are working in
    C. Competition
    D. Location of Business
    E. Management
    F. Personnel (type and number ...

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    A business plan outline is presented. All sections needed in a basic business plan are included. This plan can be expanded or changed depending on the needs of the company involved.