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    Eat2Eat: Business Model

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    What are the chief elements of Eat2Eat's business model?
    How does the company generate revenues?
    What are the primary cost drivers?
    How does it deliver value to customers?
    What factors do you see as critical to competitive success in the online restaurant booking industry?

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    // Before gaining an insight into the Eat2Eat's Business Model, it is necessary to understand the chief elements of its business model. So, firstly I am beginning with the introduction to the Eat2Eat.//

    Eat2Eat: Business Model


    Eat2Eat is an online restaurant company which conducts its business in the Asia Pacific region. The maximum numbers of business operations of Eat2Eat are performed in Singapore. The company follows an online reservation facility for its customers. This restaurant is counted among the top five restaurants of the Asia Pacific region, due to its fine dining facilities. This restaurant has interactive reservation services. The main objective of the company is to create values for its customers (Eat2Eat Pte.Ltd., 2008).

    Eat2Eat's Business Model

    The business model of a company gives a full description of its business aspects. It includes its goals, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structure and operational processes etc. The business of Eat2Eat is based on Internet. The number of restaurants presently run by the company is more than 400. It follows the strategy of expanding its business by signing up with new restaurants in each corner of the world. The company focuses on the new ...

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