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    Business Plan

    Solar Inverter industry analysis

    Research segments of the general environment to write an environmental analysis of Power One renewable energy. Incorporate the 5 forces of competition to help write the industry analysis. Use the cage model (attached) to write the industry analysis. Also include what is seen as trends, outlook, or forecast for this type of org

    Petlife Oncology Products: SWOT Analysis

    Please read the attached business plan and provide an in depth SWOT analysis. The analysis should be 3 - 4 pages and comprehensive regarding the company's roll out strategy and the industry itself.

    SMgmt-strategic initiative on the part of another company

    When working in the area of strategic management, you will often be asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words, what is the company really trying to do and why? You will find that you have to use y

    Importance of Models

    What are the advantages of analyzing and experimenting with a model as opposed to a real object or situation?

    Starbucks logistics efficiency

    Are Starbucks' facilities designed for logistics efficiency? If so, how, and what are the effects? If not, how might they be improved? Please provide about 3.5 pages w/references.

    Organizational Development Approach in Companies

    a) How does a company with an OD approach differ from one without that approach? b) Do OD companies offer a higher value proposition to their customers than non-OD companies? And if so, why don't all companies take this approach?

    Real-World Business Decision Problems

    Part 1 In approximately 500 words, describe a real-world business decision that you had to make or a problem that you had to solve for which there was no clear solution. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible within the length guideline. Do not tell how you solved the problem. *Note: Share only what is appropria

    Are Extensive Information Resource Planning Efforts Worthwhile?

    Given the rapid rate of change in both information technologies and business environments, do you believe that extensive information resource planning efforts are worthwhile for most organizations? Why or why not? Under what circumstances might they not be?

    Roadster Ltd: Auditing Risk, accounts affected, audit plan

    Roadster Ltd operates a road maintenance company. Consider the following information. 1. Your firm has just been appointed as the auditor of Roadster at its annual general meeting. During your planning of the audit, you notice that Roadster is an unlisted public company and its directors do not consider it to be a reporting ent

    Financial Planning & Risk

    1. Explain the process of financial planning used to estimate asset investment requirements for a corporation. Explain the concept of working capital management. Identify and briefly describe several financial instruments that are used as marketable securities to park excess cash. 2. Assume that you are financial adviser to a

    Business Plan for Building and Running a New Storage Facility

    Disposition of small business plan project: 1) Cover Sheet 2) Table of Contents 3) Executive Summary 4) History 5) Description of the Business 6) Definition of the Market 7) Description of Product or Services 8) Management Structure 9) Objectives and Goals 10) Financial data 11) Appendixes Create a small busine

    Purposes of a business plan

    What are the main purposes for a business plan? What do you believe to be the two most important aspects of a business plan? Why?

    Location Planning: Hospital Patient Billing Software

    Assume you are assigned to select five U.S. cities to establish regional headquarters for a growing company that presently has only a national headquarters in Philadelphia. The business is hospital patient billing software. What places would you go?

    Example Outline of a Landscaping Service Business Plan

    1. If you were starting a new landscaping business, how would you market this business? 2. What are some secondary marketing research resources for a new landscaping business? 3. What are the differences between marketing a service versus marketing a product?

    Backup Strategy And Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

    On your way to work this morning you stopped for gas. When you were inside paying, someone broke into your car and stole your computer bag. You did not notice until you arrived at your business and began looking for your bag. As you began to realize all of the data you just lost - customer lists profit and loss analysis, tax

    Audit Planning Process

    ABC firm is auditing XYZ for three years. two years ago, XYZ received a letter from the provincial government informing the company that it needed to reduce the level of contaminants that it was releasing into the air and local waterways. The deadline for this reduction is three months from today. The letter indicates significan

    Developing a Business Plan for a Casino with the consensus to creating a solid foundtion of practical aims and strategies in succeeding within the targeted marketplace. The core business plan objective in stating the locations and branding element necessary to renderig the best market entry for the stakeholders.

    Looking for advice in developing a casino. You have just been hired to design and develop a casino in Massachusetts. You will be the final decision maker for the company, but you must develop it according to the gaming laws of Massachusetts and fit to the demographic. In your final report you will include: 1. Location o

    Business IT Strategy

    Why is it critically important to align IT projects with the business strategy? What would be a plan to align future IT projects with business strategy?

    Landscape Business Plan

    This should include the following elements: -A complete and concise executive summary of your entire descriptive business plan - not to exceed 3 pages. -A thorough business plan for a landscape company. All help with be greatly appreciated.

    Landscaping Business Start-Up Plan

    For a landscape business: The Start-up Expenses sub-section of the Descriptive Business Plan should include a discussion of the following elements: 1. A discussion of the applicable expenses to start the new business. These could include some (or all) of the following: costs of sales, professional fees, technology costs,

    Business Intelligence Plan

    I need an example of a Business Intelligence Plan. How is it formatted as far as presentation? According to APA standards.

    Business Model for E-Book Textbooks

    http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/story/2012-01-16/ebook-textbook-sales/52603526/1 This cites a textbook publisher. How do you feel about the new business model for publishers? Which publishers will have an easier time adjusting to the model? Why?

    Identify and Plan IT Solutions that Meet Business Objectives

    How could one implement the following points in a new business. (to support business objectives.) - Project Management (schedule, resources, deliverables) - System Development Life Cycle (all phases) - Change Management - Employee Training - Leadership Expectations - Defining Success - Reference(s)

    Stock Compensation Plans: GAAP requirement to expense stock options

    (Stock Compensation Plans) The following two items appeared on the Internet concerning the GAAP requirement to expense stock options. WASHINGTON, D.C. February 17, 2005 Congressman David Dreier (R-CA), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) reintroduced legislation today that will preserve