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    Backup Strategy And Disaster Recovery Plan

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    On your way to work this morning you stopped for gas. When you were inside paying, someone broke into your car and stole your computer bag. You did not notice until you arrived at your business and began looking for your bag. As you began to realize all of the data you just lost - customer lists profit and loss analysis, tax returns, email, sales information, payroll files, and so on--you began to wonder when you last backed up your hard drive. Now that you have been stung by a painful data loss experience, you realize the importance of having up a backup strategy. Create a detailed backup strategy and disaster recovery plan for your business. Be sure to include details such as the types of backup you will perform, frequency of backups, and location of backups. (Be sure to identify your business and the name of your company.)

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    My business is a financial services firm providing broking and financial advisory services to high networth individuals. The name of the company is Wealth Advisors Inc.

    We will take several steps to ensure reliable and secure backup of the confidential data and important information. First of all, we will perform daily backup of the newly added data to a cloud based or web based data ...

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    Creates a detailed backup strategy and disaster recovery plan for your business.