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Organizational Development Approach in Companies

a) How does a company with an OD approach differ from one without that approach?

b) Do OD companies offer a higher value proposition to their customers than non-OD companies? And if so, why don't all companies take this approach?

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Organizational development (OD) is an application of behavioral science to organizational change it stresses carefully planned approaches to changing or improving organizational structures and processes, in an attempt to minimize negative side effects and maximize organizational effectiveness. (referenceforbusiness.com)

According to Freedman (2011), "while it may be easy to identify what should be changed [in an organization], it is less clear and more complex to determine how to set realistic goals and develop implementation plans while enlisting stakeholder commitment to executing those plans" (p. 7). From this statement, we can infer that companies that employ an OD method to effect changes within its internal structure will be more able to determine how to set clear, realistic and attainable goals. It is not very difficult for an organization to identify what should be changed, but how to make those changes happen effectively is not so easy.

The OD approach focuses on the process and solutions rather than the problem. In contrast, organizations that does not use this approach, typically focus on the problem and trying to alter the behaviors of individuals rather than develop plans for problem ...

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How a company with OD approaches differ from one without the approaches are determined. How OD companies offer a higher value proposition to their customers than non-OD companies are determined.