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    Petlife Oncology Products: SWOT Analysis

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    Please read the attached business plan and provide an in depth SWOT analysis. The analysis should be 3 - 4 pages and comprehensive regarding the company's roll out strategy and the industry itself.

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    SWOT Analysis: Petlife Corporation Neutraceuticals


    Petlife Corporation is a subsidiary of Medolife International, Inc., a company that

    provides neutraceuticals to cancer patients. Neutraceuticals are substances that work naturally

    to fight the growth and spread of cancer cells. Petlife Corporation is registered as a U.S.

    Veterinary Pharmaceutical company, with the intention of offering its product Escozine, in

    veterinary markets. Escozine has been approved for human cancer patients in Dominican

    Republic, Vietnam, Native American Territories of the US and Canada, Russia, Belarus and

    Kazakhstan. The product is also sold online in 40 countries. Medolife, the developer of

    Escozine, has secured a patent on the drug as a bioactive peptide, using polarization

    technology. The drug binds to cancer cells and renders them inactive, unable to spread or

    multiply. It is considered a relatively safe treatment method, when compared to radiation or

    other chemotherapeutic agents.


    The parent company, Medolife International, has already established channels for

    offering the product to human markets in 40 countries. If these citizens are interested in more

    natural treatments for cancer in themselves or loved ones, they are likely to be more interested

    than the average consumer, in such a product for pets. Therefore, possible distribution

    channels for Petlife products have already been established. The website for selling Medolife

    products overseas can easily promote the pet product and provide a link to its website.

    The Petlife product has already been approved for veterinary use. The research and

    development for the product has been completed. This means the product can be marketed

    immediately in the U.S., with mass media and technology sending out marketing messages

    to cover large geographic areas. Veterinarians are also more likely to recommend products that

    have been approved for pet treatment. Pet owners who ask for alternatives can consider

    Petlife as soon as it becomes available.

    The number of holistic and natural healing veterinarians is increasing in developed

    countries, due to the popularity among pet owners. The Petlife natural cancer remedy will be

    well received by such practitioners, who will encourage pet owners to try the natural remedy,

    as part of a natural healing regimen. Because the product has already been developed and

    tested, practitioners will be more confident in trying Petlife for pets diagnosed with cancer.

    They can then recommend treatment with Petlife more confidently, to pet owners of animals

    with cancer. Veterinary oncology is profitable, as there are no worries about insurance or

    malpractice, as with medical doctors. While veterinarians profit from a new product that shows

    promise in treating cancer, pet owners will have a more affordable choice of a natural product,

    as opposed to typical chemotherapy treatment, which is more costly.


    The Ecozine for human use has not been approved by the FDA in the U.S., though it is

    currently in the process of seeking approval. Some U.S. pet owners may be hesitant to consider

    Petlife for treating cancer, without the advantage of clinical trials and established success rates.

    Alternative cancer treatments are not encouraged in the U.S. Therefore, some pet owners may

    not feel confident about trying natural treatments or alternatives. The mindset of those who

    would not seek alternatives for themselves is not likely to change, when making decisions about

    treatment for their pets.

    The product name is not known in the U.S. Therefore, marketing the Ecozine products

    will require the organization to establish branding, in order for U.S. pet owner households and

    veterinarians to become familiar with products. A larger advertising budget may be required to

    market and promote products in the U.S., due to lack of recognition of the brand. Additional

    costs are required, for a team of experts to seek approval of the Petlife products in foreign

    markets. The brand initially may not be able to position itself on price, within the natural

    remedies markets. While the product is less costly than chemotherapy treatments, it may still

    not be reasonably prices in some markets.


    The market for more natural bioactive drugs is increasing, in both humans and pets.

    While more pet owners are choosing natural treatments for a variety of ailments, they are also

    choosing such treatments to complement standard treatments, especially cancers and tumors

    (Wolff, 2014). It's only natural that, as citizens of developed nations seek out perceived

    healthier, more natural treatment options, they will desire similar options for their pets. The

    market for Petlife products is rapidly increasing around the globe, particularly in developed

    nations. There is no shortage of consumers who may be interested in the Ecozine product for

    their pets. In the U.S. alone in 2013, pet owners spent $13.14 billion on over the counter

    medications (American Pet Products Association, 2014).

    Fifty percent of dogs over age 10 and fifty percent of cats get cancer (Humane Society of

    The United States, 2014). Petlife has a potentially huge market in which to promote its

    products. In addition, health topics among pet owners include cancer treatment and often pet

    owners share health concerns through social media. The Petlife products can be promoted

    through social media. Pet oncology is currently in infancy, in terms of growth. The potential for

    capturing the market is unlimited, as there are no major players in the industry at the moment.

    Petlife has an opportunity to establish its pet oncology brand, before competitors bring their

    products to market.


    A major threat to Petlife, is the possibility that even though Medolife products have

    been approved for sale in 40 countries, Petlife may not be approved. If it is not approved in the

    countries selected to market and promote the products, the company will need to consider

    secondary markets, which may limited sales potential. In addition, chemotherapy drugs used

    by veterinarians today are used as "extra label" with no FDA approval for veterinary use,

    regardless of successful use in treating humans. Veterinarians who have had success with these

    drugs may be hesitant to try something new or more natural, in treating pet cancers.

    Though Petlife is working with 5 venom experts in European countries, to secure

    The scorpion venom necessary to make the substance, demand for the venom may increase,

    particularly if neutraceutical or pharmaceutical companies decide they want to jump on the

    bandwagon. This will likely drive up the price of scorpion venom, which may result in price

    increases for Petlife being passed on to pet owners.


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    Petlife Corporation (The Company) is a registered US Veterinary Pharmaceutical company, incorporated in 2012 in the state of Delaware as a subsidiary of Medolife International, Inc. The company is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California with offices in New York City and maintains offices and its productions facilities in the Dominican Republic. The parent company, Medolife specializes in the research, development, sales and support of advanced drugs and scientifically proven Nutraceuticals for human cancer and autoimmune system related disease; Medolife is preparing to start clinical trials for FDA approval as a drug. Medolife has the exclusive patent license (United States patent # 8,097,284 B2) of the bioactive peptide and polarization technology. This is the base for a novel pharmacologically active compound that is critical in numerous new generation essential drugs and nutraceuticals, as well as in Escozine for Pets.

    The Parent company is Medolife Corp and its flagship product, Escozine (www.medolife.com & www.escozine.com), is registered and certified for oncological treatment ...

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    The analysis focuses on the potential for a new, nutraceutical (naturally functioning) pet cancer treatment product, to be introduced to global markets. It explains the current state of the pet product market and natural treatments, as well as the challenges and opportunities for bringing such a product to consumers, as pet owners.