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    Entity Business Plan for Global Computer Consultant

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    Entity Business Plan

    The business venture is: Global Computer Consultant: assists corporations and individuals in setting up computer networks.

    1) Define the goal of the business.
    a) What goods or services are provided?
    b) Who are the target customers?
    c) How or where are those services provided?

    2) Differentiate between the strengths and weaknesses of the various business organizations and determine which is best suited for your business venture.

    3) Describe how different business organizations operate in the global legal environment and identify the domestic and global legal issues that impact the various business structures and how those issues can be effectively managed.

    4) For the business organization selected, include the form(s) necessary to create the entity in the state of Florida. (These are generally available through Florida Secretary of State's Website.)

    5) Finished business plan should be 1,050-1,750-word with exhibits as necessary. (Incorporation forms should be one of the exhibits.)

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    See attached file for State of Florida business forms.


    Global Computer Consultant is a computer professional, which aims at providing a unique portfolio of services for the customers. It provides information technology solutions for its clients. It has the experience and knowledge of providing all types of business information. The organization utilizes the best available information for providing solutions to its clients. It offers technical support, network consulting, system repair etc. It keeps all its clients on top priority and work for them with full dedication. The consulting firm acts as an important IT solution provider for many small and medium sized firms (Global Computer Consultants: About Us, 2009).

    Goals of the Business

    There are various goals upon which the consulting firm focuses on, as they lead the firm on the path of success and progress. These goals and objectives form the foundation of the consulting firm. The goals of Global Computer Consultant are as follows:
    ? To provide best IT based solutions for its clients.
    ? Enhancing the productivity by making use of advanced information and technology.
    ? Providing optimum solutions and services for the clients.
    ? Increase the effectiveness and competence of the firm.
    ? It also aims at increasing competitiveness.
    ? To increase value of the firm.

    Services of the Firm

    Global Computer Consultant provides a variety of IT services for its clients and aims at creating the best solutions for its customers. It helps the other firms to build and adapt an enterprise, which assist in responding to changes in the business world. It aims at providing maximum satisfaction to the employees by introducing the best services. The services that the firm provides to its clients are as follows:
    ? Operating system installation
    ? Hardware and Software training
    ? System security
    ? Integration support
    ? System Customization
    ? Firewall setup
    ? Cable installation
    ? Upgrades
    ? Tune ups
    ? Consultations

    The firm excels in providing these services to its clients and puts its best possible efforts for it. The ...

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