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    Entity Business Plan

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    Entity Business Plan

    A. Select one of the business ventures below or select your own with the instructor's permission:

    1) Specialty high-end flooring contractor: will install all floor types (imported tile, granite, marble, hard wood, and carpeting) as part of new construction or remodeling.

    2) Pilates Studio Franchise: individuals can take classes or work out on their own.

    3) Sports Bar Franchise: individuals can watch multiple sporting events on large screen TV's.

    4) Global Computer Consultant: assist corporations and individuals in setting up computer networks.

    B. For the business venture selected, you need to develop initial business planning ideas that include the following:

    1) Define the goal of the business.
    a) What goods or services are provided?
    b) Who are the target customers?
    c) How or where are those services provided?

    2) Differentiate between the strengths and weaknesses of the various business organizations and determine which is best suited for your business venture.

    3) Describe how different business organizations operate in the global legal environment and identify the domestic and global legal issues that impact the various business structures and how those issues can be effectively managed.

    4) For the business organization selected, include the form(s) necessary to create the entity in your state. (These are generally available through your Secretary of State's Website.)

    5) Finished business plan should be 1,050-1,750-word with exhibits as necessary. (Incorporation forms should be one of the exhibits.)

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    //Before writing about the entity business plan, we have to select the business venture. The business venture selected for the study is Sports bar Franchise. We will discuss about the business planning ideas about the selected business venture. It will assist us in understanding the goals of the business, goods and services provided by the business venture, the target group of the customers and the mode of providing service. With the assistance of this, we will be able in understanding about the business venture effectively.//

    Sports bar Franchisee

    In this paper a Sports bar franchise is selected for business venture. A sports bar is a bar which provides a big screen for the sports fan to enjoy their favorite sports. Over the years, the sports bars are growing in terms of popularity. So considering sports bar franchisee for a business venture seems to be a profitable venture.

    Goals of the Business

    The Primary goal of the business is to provide sports fans with an environment where they can enjoy good food with their favorite sport. The Company wants to establish itself as a brand name and have its franchisee spread all over the country. The company's main goals are listed below:

    The company wants all six sports bars to be entirely functional by the 2010. All of the sports bar should have a successive time line of starting.

    The company would try to maintain control over cost by employing quality management and techniques. Each location would be having full automated computer control.

    The company would try to maintain the food cost share in revenue to 32 percent.

    The beverages share would be kept below 20 percent of the revenue.

    A careful selection of the locations would be done by choosing only those places, which fit into the schema of the company's plan (Indigo Joe, 2009).

    The annual sales target for each location would be kept at $2 to $5 million.

    Goods & Services Provided

    The Sports bar would be providing for food, beverages as well as, television screens where customers can enjoy their favorite stars in action. The Sport bar would be providing for full fledged menu so that its sales do not falter, when there is off season. The restaurant would be providing for a varied menu which would have salads, wines, steaks and burgers. The restaurant would be providing for large dinning spaces, with giant television screens, where customers can enjoy their favorite sports. The restaurant would be featuring plasma, high definition and large screen televisions, which would be positioned in a way that fans can enjoy the game from each and every corner (The Sports Pub Franchise with a Difference, 2009). The restaurant would be having technological advanced wireless voice boxes.

    The restaurant would have special areas for kids which would feature various games that kids can play. The restaurant would have authentic sports memorabilia like jerseys, signed racquets etc. The restaurant would have quality audio and video system installed. The restaurant would have open, well kept restrooms, well lit interiors and comfortable dinning spaces. The restaurant would be having customized corners which would be featuring various teams. The wall would be having team banners and autographed pictures of sports persons.

    Target Customers

    This sports bar restaurant would be a little different from the typical sports bar. The target of this sports bar restaurant would be families. With this target market, the restaurant would be attracting males, females as well as the kids. The special enclosed areas for kids would attract families as they can bring their kids along. The restaurant wants to ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2165 words with references.