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    recomendation for the best strategy plan for Costco

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    Prepare an executive summary, a resource allocation, and recommendations for the best strategy implemented plan for the organization.

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    //The paper is about Costco Company. It discusses about the financial standing, resource allocation and relevant strategy to maintain companyââ?¬â?¢s leadership in the market. This section is about executive summary where the topics covered are summarized and a brief discussion is given about resource allocation and relevant expansion strategy.//

    Executive Summary

    The following paper talks about Costco Warehouse Corporation, which is a warehousing business located in USA. It is the largest warehousing chain in the country, which operates its business through the club membership warehousing. It is operating its business in USA, Canada, South East Asia and other parts of the world. As the companyââ?¬â?¢s net income and revenues have grown in the financial years 2009 and 2010, it is currently planning to expand its business by opening warehouses primarily in USA and Canada. It also targets the South and East Asian market.

    The current financial status of the company could be well defined by analyzing the fiscal and monetary position of the company. Financial position is always established by the sales of any undertaking. Profits are major sales dependent, and if comparable sales growth gets involved, which could be achieved by increasing the sales and consumers and obviously the way, the customers are dealt by the sales employees. Sales could be influential, because of currency exchange rate and alterations in the cost of gasoline and associated competition situations. Currency exchange rates usually affect the international sales and other costs like gasoline and competition conditions impacts the domestic operation of the company. If fluctuations in currency rates are less, then chances for improvement in comparable sales increases, which in turn hikes up the profitability and pays off good turn over. Producing out the comparable sales is all about making the right member at right place, so that sales gets increased and retention of customers is also developed.

    The economy status of the arena, in which business is carried, should be healthy enough for better functioning of the business and sales. United States economic downturn showed really very negative effects on the sales of the company in many years of inflation. Competition is also very much influencing when it comes to the sales and growth. Economy and competition are very unpredictable and the most influencing aspects, which alters the sales and financial situations of the firm. So, strategies are formed, in order to balance the functioning of the company and balance all the marketing related elements in the business.

    Some strategies and tactics are to be adopted, in order to sustain in the very competitive market situations. These situations could be handled by adopting some of the changes like adjustments to pricing and to merchandise mix, including increasing the penetration of private label items. The main objective of the company is not to focus on the short term profits but to make up the long term plans for long term profits (Company Profile, 2010).

    The complementary strategic options that can be adopted by the Costco are strategic alliances and Website strategy. In strategic alliance, it should adopt vertical and horizontal integration. It has partnership in Mexico with 50% owned joint venture. In Taiwan, it is located at 5 locations by means of 55% owned subsidiary. It has formed alliances through it Kirkland Signature with suppliers and manufacturer like Martha Stewart and Bumble bee. The various services provides by it are investment broking, travel agent, auto program to buy new and pre-owned vehicles and power sports.

    The company's objective for further requirement is related to that of land, infrastructure and equipment costs for the warehouse products along with the requirement of starting warehouse and working capital. The present plan of the company might change according to the future fluctuations and conditions but for the ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 2435 words with references.