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In a post-1995 Internet-based world, what strategies have evolved in business?

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In a post-1995 Internet-based world, what strategies have evolved in business?

From a scholars perspective, what leadership models have evolved in scholarly research?

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The strategies which have evolved in business from the internet-based world is determined. A scholars perspective is used.

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In a post-1995 Internet-based world, what strategies have evolved in business?

Businesses have had to rethink their entire businesses because business reaches farther than it ever has, even if it is not planned. So planning has become much more important, especially strategic planning. The most obvious is to offer a site on the internet. However, a company must make a decision about whether it wants to sell through the internet or just provide information. They also have to be more careful in SWOT analysis and environmental scans, so they can prepare alternatives. Competitors, substitutes, innovation, and marketing all become important players in internet strategies.

Another area is social media. How or when the company should participate is important for attracting the right customer. A company can use a myriad of tools and sites, offer information, sales, or blogs, and keep people informed about personnel issues or product/service issues. Social media and other information technology has to be planned carefully to remain in the mix with customers past and present. With this, a company must make plans, strategically, to make sure their online marketing and social media participation is culturally diverse. A single misstep in how a company deals with a cultural or social issue can haunt it for years and in many places that are unexpected.

Information technology makes it possible to integrate many of the business operations and do it with companies that are external to ...

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