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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Irresponsibility among American Males

What are some cultural forces influencing the trend of lower levels of responsibility and accountability among American fathers. 1. Sex is viewed as recreation rather than as an integral part of the marriage relationship. I know it's an old fashioned view but that doesn't make it untrue. If sex is viewed as a part of the ma

Use of expatriates, host-country nationals

What are the pros and cons of using expatriates, host-country nationals, and third-country nationals to run overseas operations? If you were expanding your business, what approach would you use? What are the biggest cultural obstacles to overcome if we are to work effectively in Mexico? France? Japan?

Business Ethics: Enviromental Audit

Investigate what is involved in an environmental audit. Has such an audit been conducted at your own present or former place of business, school, or university? In what ways has your present or former place of business, school, or university adopted sustainable practices? In what ways would your present or former place of busi

Business Ethics: McDonalds, (responsible for health of kids?)

Research the case Pelman v. McDonalds in which it was alleged that McDonalds was partially responsible for the health problems associated with the obesity of children who eat MacDonalds fast food. Should MacDonalds and other fast-food restaurants be judged negligent for selling dangerous products, failing to warn consumers of t

Business Ethics: Who should be held accountable

Term papers on practically every subject imaginable are available on the Internet. Many of those who post the papers defend their practice in two ways: (1) These papers are posted to assist in research in the same way any other resource is posted on the Web and should simply be cited if used; and (2) these papers are posted in

Entitlement generation, Business Ethics

A particular research study provides some evidence that those born between 1979 and 1994 are perceived as impatient, self-serving, disloyal, unable to delay gratification and, in short, feeling that they are entitled to everything without working for it. The study dubs this group the entitlement generation. Do you know peo

Neslte' (Business Ethics)

In 2005, Nestlé S.A. CEO Peter Braeck-Letmathe explained, â??Companies shouldn't feel obligated to give back to communities because they haven't taken anything away. Companies should only pursue charitable endeavors with the underlying intention of making money. It is not our money we're handing out but our investors. A com

Writing - Business Ethics

What makes an ethical decision or issue, ethical? How would you explain the differences between ethical/non-ethical and ethical/unethical? What ethical issues or dilemmas have you experienced in the workplace? Are any ethical issues or dilemmas presently being discussed at your school? 360 words, 2 references.

Advice: Improving Efficiency in the Workplace

The advice I would give employees is to increase their level of value. Efficiency is achieved by individuals who are willing to make a difference within the organization. An employee should make constant strides to go above and beyond the call of duty or of what is expected of them, this is what gives an exceptional employee a

Legal protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires firms to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Consider such conditions as obesity, depression, dyslexia, arthritis, hearing loss, high blood pressure, facial scars, and the fear of heights. Imagine that you are a business manager and an employee comes to yo

Ethics: Hasty Decisions

Is there a time when you regret making a hasty decision? What can a person do to make a better decision? About 200 words.

Responsible Parents

How can we as responsible parents help our children to interpret the messages they are receiving? How well do you feel we do this?

2008 International Debt Crisis Responsibility

What was the 2008 International Debt Crisis, and who was responsible for the crisis? What was the role of central banks, legislative authority, and of government? Define and explain Monetary Policy and its relationship to Fiscal Policy.

Business Ethics - Affirmative Action

Affirmative action refers to a policy or a program that tries to respond to instances of past discrimination by implementing proactive measures to ensure equal opportunity today. In your own words, discuss your point of view on affirmative action. Do you believe it is fair or does affirmative action create further discrimination

Identity of Units, situations it must go.

Describe a work-related situation you feel could be improved. For example, you want to streamline the process for reimbursing employees, or you want to create a high-tech website for your small business but have no experience in programming or graphic creation.) Once you have determined your project, consider the following:

Personal Ethics and Responsibility in Business Decisions

Describe the role of personal ethics and responsibility in business decisions: In what ways may an organization be considered citizen? How can business decisions affect people outside the operation of the enterprise? What motivations of business leaders influence decisions about corporate social responsibility?

Behavior stereotypes; posted term papers; McDonald's obesity

1. A particular research study provides some evidence that those born between 1979 and 1994 are perceived as 'impatient, self-serving, disloyal, unable to delay gratification and, in short, feeling that they are entitled to everything without working for it'. The study dubs this group the 'entitlement generation'. Do you know p

Comparison of Ethics, Morals and Applications

What are the differences between ethical issues and moral issues? What are the differences between personal ethics and business ethics? Provide real-world examples of common ethical problems in business for each of the questions above. approx 500 words, 2 references

Business Ethics - Kantian theory

Question: We live in a society where individuals are interdependent. Hence, as required by Kantian theory, is it possible to get what you want without using other people? Then, provide some examples from your own personal experience.

Provide an example when you made an ethical decision

Need help compiling a short essay in regards to ethical decisions. APA format. Include all sources. Provide a specific example of a time that you made an ethical decision. 1. Provide a list of three different people the decision affected. 2. Describe in detail how your decision affected each of the three people. 3.

Employment Business Ethics: Classical model of corporate social responsibility

1.) How do the utilitarian ethic and the right to private property justify - and fail to justify -- the classical model of corporate social responsibility? 2.) What consequences might result if managers were held responsible for taking into account the consequences to every possible stakeholder who could conceivably be affect

Ethics Case Study: Differences in business values in China, U.S. and Jamaica

See attached case study. Given the current pressures on China, Jamaica, and America expressed in the article, how would ethics play a role in decision making for financial, environmental, and cultural issues? o How are the concepts of positive and normative economics reflected in this context? o How do market