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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Ethics in Business

Does selling a potential harmful or addictive product that is legal represent an ethical problem for businesspeople? How should a society regulate such products & protect its citizens from them?

Recent Fraud/Corporate Scandal Report on Ethics

With all of the recent frauds and corporate scandals similar to Merck, AIG, Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, and ImClone you have heard. On your lunch break, you decided to surf Internet news sites and read articles on the potential legal and ethical issues related to data analysis organizations have gone though in the recent past. After

Trends in Organizational Behavior

Evaluate the following trends in organizational behavior: The influence of ethics on decision making and the impact of technology on work-related stress.

Ethic case: Santa Fe Company's adjusting entries

Santa Fe Company is a pesticide manufacturer. Its sales declined greatly this year due to the passage of legislation outlawing the sale of several of Santa Fe's chemical pesticides. In the coming year, Santa Fe will have environmentally safe and competitive chemicals to replace these discontinued products. Sales in the next year

Decision-Making Processes and Ethics in Accounting

What role can an accounting professional play in ethical corporate decision making? Should an accounting professional play a role even when if he or she is not the final decision maker? Explain your answer.

Organizational Ethics and Motivational Theory

Organizational Ethics and Motivational Theory I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 1,050-1,400-word paper in which discuss the importance of having an ethical program and the importance of purposefully applying motivational theories in an organizational setting using APA format. Use and

Ethics and Politics in Action Research

Ethics and politics that would affect instituting Action Research at Real Estate Office workplace. You will first address the political and ethical issues (institutional and personal, supporting and non-supporting factors) you believe will influence efforts to initiate action research in the Real Estate Office setting.

Fillups Company: Ethics in Accounting Choices

The Fillups Company has been in the business of exploring for oil reserves. During 19x1, $10 million was spent drilling wells that were dry holes. Under GAAP, Fillups has the option of accounting for these costs by the successful efforts method or the full cost method. Under successful efforts, the $10 million would be expensed

Requesting some information and guidance regarding strategic HR Management

Corporate ethics have been the focus of increased attention in recent years. Many companies have looked to their HR team to develop a comprehensive ethics policy. As the new HR manager, I have been asked to develop an ethics policy for Thompson-Pritchett, Inc. After meeting with the CEO, you learn that she would like the pol

Ethics and Social Responsibilities Paper

Ethics and Social Responsibilities. a. Ethics and social responsibility play important roles in today's business world and are impacted by movement regulations. For your paper, select one of the following statements: 1) "Since the goal of the public corporation is to maximize shareholder wealth, management should take any acti

Income reporting, absorption costing, and managerial ethics

See pdf Question 4: (10 points) Problem 6-5A: Income reporting, absorption costing, and managerial ethics L.O. C2, P2, A1 Oshkosh Chemical produces and sells an ice-melting granular used on roadways and sidewalks in winter. It annually produces and sells about 100 tons of its granular. In its nine-year history, the com

The influence of ethics on decision making

Evaluate the following trends in organizational behavior: a. The influence of ethics on decision making b. The impact of technology on work-related stress The paper should demonstrate an understanding of relevant theory. A minimum of 2 reference citations are required. Be sure to include an abstract, introduction and conc

Organizational Behavior strategies and challenges, ethics conflicts

1-What are your organization's (NYC Dept. of Education) strategies and challenges regarding knowledge acquisition and retention? How are changes in technology affecting this process? 2-How would you handle a situation when your ethical principles conflict with your organization's ethics? 3-Is it appropriate for an organiza

Business Ethics: Sarbanes-Oxley & COSO

1. List the provisions under the Sarbanes-Oxley act that have proved to have the most significant impact on corporate governance and boards. 2. What is the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO)? List the control structure elements, and explain the control environment. 3. Enumerate upon the responsibilities of the Co

Duties and responsibilities of board members

1. Explain the duties of board members. 2. Explain the responsibilities of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. 3. Describe how the ethical issues and potential for conflicts surrounding accounting practices go far beyond merely combining services.

Business & Professional Ethics

Answer questions 4 and 5. Provide a hypothetical example to illustrate your answer to question 4. Explain your answers thoroughly. 4. When should an accountant place his or her duty to the public ahead of his or her duty to a client or employer? 5. Which would you choose as the key idea for ethical behavior in the account


A survey conducted by Tufts University researchers and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (2/02) queried medical experts who write guidelines for treating conditions like heart disease, depression and diabetes. The research found that nearly 9 out of 10 experts have financial ties to the pharmaceutical

Behaviors that raise ethical questions in the workplace

Review the behaviors that raise ethical questions in the workplace, listed in Figure 4.1 (below) Response to one of these questions; Which three areas do you believe to be most prevalent, or which three areas have the greatest consequence in the workplace? Justify your answers. FIGURE 4.1 Using e-mail to harass co-w