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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Elaine Shumate's responsibility to deliver good news

Elaine Shumate has been working for GSM, a pharmaceutical research company, for more than seven years. It is her first job since finishing her graduate work in molecular biology, and her performance evaluations have been exemplary. She has received increasing responsibility as opportunities have become available at GSM. Unfortun

What Happens When Organisational Ethics are Compromised?

Ethics includes the moral values, beliefs, and rules that establish the right or appropriate ways in which one person or stakeholder group should interact with another. Describe how organizational ethics is a product of societal, professional, and individual ethics, and explain what happens when ethical behavior is compromised.

Manager's Responsibility for effective communications

Describe your organization in terms of the following: o How open do you believe communication is? o Do you believe you currently have a supportive or defensive communications climate or some combination of both? In what way is this climate illustrated? o What role do managers in your organization play in determining and

How might an auditor's ethics be challenged while performing an audit?

It is the responsibility of management to apply accounting standards when communicating with investors and creditors through financial statements. Another group, auditors, serves as an independent intermediary to help ensure that management has in fact appropriately applies GAAP in preparing the company's financial statements.

HR Responsibility to broker peach between Wright and Collins

See attached case file. What responsibilities does the HR department of a company have? What specific actions should Jane Rintoul take? OPERATION MANAGER: IAN HAMILTOM SHIFT SUPERVISORS: BRENDAN WRIGHT, TYSON COLLINS JOB-SCHEDULES PLANNER: TERRY JACOBS JOB SCHEDULES COORDINATOR: PETER VIJUC As Jane Rintoul, attemp

Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for Olympics in 2002

The Big Business of the Olympics and Bribery LEAD STORY-DATELINE: The Washington Post, January 15, 1999. Salt Lake City and the state of Utah are considered synonymous with the Mormon Church and the morality that flows from religious pursuits. A recent bribery scandal relating to Salt Lake City's successful bid to host the

Ethics Issue of Enron's and Worldcom's Accounting

During 2002, Enron corporation hid large liabilities from its balance sheet. Worldcom admitted to recording expenses as assets. Both companies tried to improve their financial appearance by window-dressing their financial statements. Is this an ethical issue? If yes, what is the ethical issue? Do research on these two companies.

Ethics and Social Responsibility for International Firms: Sweatshops in Honduras

Please see attached case study. Questions 1) Many employees in sweatshops, having come from jobs that pay even less and offer no benefits or security, see employment in a sweatshop as a means to a better life. What rights do human rights advocates from developed countries have to oppose the use of sweatshops by foreign f

America's Global Responsibility

What is America's global responsibility to help end poverty and disease in other countries? What is our responsibility to deal with the environmental problems across the globe?

Ethical issues and social responsibility in doing business internationally.

1) What types of ethical issues has your company, or a company with which you are familiar, faced in doing business internationally? Include text concepts that relate to your example. 2) How are/were these ethical issues handled? 3) What are ethical and socially responsible issues that may be implied in the global perspec

Financial Principles and Ethics

Provide an example of this principle as applied to your company or a company in the news. Describe how the business code of conduct and/or the Board of Directors mitigate these risks