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    Effective communication

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    Describe your organization in terms of the following:

    o How open do you believe communication is?

    o Do you believe you currently have a supportive or defensive communications climate or some combination of both? In what way is this climate illustrated?

    o What role do managers in your organization play in determining and communicating organizational values and ethics to your employees?

    o Describe the demographic make-up of your organization:

    How do you believe the diversity or lack thereof in your organization affects communication?

    How do you think prejudgment and stereotyping of gender, race, and ethnicity could affect communication in your organization?

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    In my organization, communication appears to be lacking between some members of the organization. Unfortunately, not every member of the organization feels comfortable voicing his/her opinions which is detrimental to the organization.

    I believe that my organization has a combination of supportive and defensive communications. It is illustrated as when everyone in the office is communicating effectively, the environment seems supportive, each member seems to compliment ...

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    This solution provides an explanation of what a manager's responsibility is to have effective communication in the workplace.