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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Business Ethics of Nike and McDonald's: Managerial philosophy for CSR

Nike and McDonald's: How would you describe the managerial philosophy of each of the companies you have chosen? What principles are involved? What are the overriding aims, values, and goals of each company? Which of these models does the companies seem to fit? (The Classical Model of Corporate Social Responsibility, Modifi

Good ethics is good business. Does it lead to better performance in the long run?

"Good ethics is good business." Do you think ethical behavior by a corporation leads to better performance in the long run?" Can you think of any examples where a company's ethical behavior resulted in better performance by the corporation in the long run? Performance can be measured in terms of creating a better public image

Organizational culture, behavior, diversity, communication, ethics

Write a paper in which you explain the following key concepts and terminology: o Organizational culture and behavior o Diversity o Communication o Business Ethics o Change Management Describe the observable aspects of each of the above. Provide a brief analysis of the culture and behavior of the organiz

Marketing Ethics: Advertising and Target Marketing.

1. Distinguish between ethically acceptable means of influencing another and ethically improper means to influence another. 2. Explain two ways in which a consumer could be described as vulnerable. What factors might make a person vulnerable in each sense? What are the ethics of marketing to the vulnerable?

Business Ethics Thought Question

When shareholders increase their wealth through downsizing, does this come, to some degree, at the expense of loyal employees---those who have worked diligently to serve the firm in terms of accomplishing its vision and mission? If so, what actions could be taken to be fair to both shareholders and employees when downsizing or "

Managing Business Ethics Issues

What is business ethics? Explain at least three ethical issues within today's business environment that affect your community and organization.

Business Ethics.

Distinguish between utilitarian, deontological and virtue-based approaches to ethics. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

Case: Ethics Competency ( Ethical Dilemma at Nortlake)

I have attached a copy of the case study "Ethical Dilemma at Northlake". I would prefer someone that is knowledgable on this subject to assist in this. these are the requirments I am looking for. 1. a Synopis - this should be concise, complete,and should not exceed 3-4 paragrahps. 2. please indentify three (3) findings

Ethics affects the four functions of management at Starbucks

Explain how ethics affects the four functions of management in the organization Starbucks. Include a specific example and cite a minimum of one source. Explain how managers can use delegation to manage the different factors and functions at Starbucks. Write summary.

Environmental Ethics: Deep Ecology

In chapter 9 of "Environmental Ethics" textbook there are contentious issues about Deep Ecology eco-philosophy as a religious matter. Some of the stakeholders are Minnesota Associated Contract Loggers, Olson Logging Company versus USFS, SWAN, Forest Guardians of Santa Fe, Native Americans, Religious Campaign for Forest Conservat

Personal ethics

Personal ethics is valuable in making positive decisions. In many situations we see that the younger generations' decisions are harming them due to few moral values. Through normative ethics we discover what makes our actions right or wrong. For example, if a person is driving and throws trash out of the window, we know that mor

Visa Call Center Innovation: Leadership and ethic

In 700-words provide a response to the following 4 questions: Visa call center 1. How would you identify and characterize the roles of incentives, training, and education in promoting innovation in a credit card company call center, such as Visa? 2. What is the role of leadership in creating, managing, and sustain

Economic events to prompt accounting changes

2. a. If management reports truthfully, what economic events are likely to prompt the following accounting changes? * Increase in the estimated life of depreciable assets * Decrease in the uncollectibles allowance as a percentage of gross receivables * Recognition of revenues at the point of delivery, rather than at the

Morality and ethics: has there been a change in values since 1990?

The study of ethics dates back to the Greek and Roman philosophers. The boundaries of moral and ethical behaviors are defined by the expectation of their respective eras. Have the tenets of morality and ethics in business evolved since 1990? How? Provide two reasons for your answer.

ETHICS Case: Should the Maryland Airport have awarded the contract?

Over the objections of the Legislative Black Caucus and NAACP, a divided public Board of Public Works yesterday approved a $44.8 million contract for airport shuttle service to a company that failed to meet Maryland's minority business goals. BALTIMORE (Map, News) - Maryland's Board of Public Works approved a $44 million


What is it about Southwest that keeps them successful? Are their strategies different than other airlines? Should other airlines use them as a benchmark? how important is business ethics when considering operations? Do you feel your organization is ethical? Would you speak of if it wasn't? Technology has transformed the

Existentialist ethics

Discuss the key points of Jean-Paul Sartre's (1905-1980) existentialist philosophy, must include reference to the concept of 'bad faith', and explain carefully between 'being-in-itself', 'being-for-itself'and 'being-for-others'. And is the existentialist ethics useful for an understanding of your own life and career journey and

Individual Vs. Group Ethics

1. How might individual and group ethics or ground rules be different? Please support your answers with examples from real life if possible. 2. How does an individual deal with living under two or more conflicting value systems? Please support your answers with examples from real life if possible. 3. How should values an

Parents Access to Email

Should Justin Ellsworth's Parents have been given access to his email? Please answer this question in three to five pages. Be sure to assess, separately with thorough explanations, the utilitarian and deontological considerations.

Completeing an Ethics Theories Table

Using the attached "Ethics Theories Table," fill in the brief definitions and sub-theories of each ethical theory, and match the real-world examples that are listed below the table with the corresponding theories. Finally, come up with your own workplace (Saudi Aramco) example that fits each theory.

Value and ethics

How can professional values and ethics affect career success. Could you please help with a description of each one in 300 to 500 words.

Key data regarding Ethics

1. How do personal ethics relate to organizational ethics? Please support your answers with examples, from real life if possible. 2. How can the use of ethics result in the formulation of business processes? Please support your answers with examples, from real life if possible. 3. What is the relationship of constructi

Code of Ethics: management as well as employees

The most difficult issue with a code of conduct/ethics is the lack of compliance by those who consider themselves above the code of ethics. The majority of well known infractions of the code of ethics are conducted by executive management. The executive management of Enron approved the company code of ethics, yet they were ins

Code of ethics

I do feel that most companies have and enforce a code of ethics in the workplace. This is mostly due to the fact that if they did not the current economic crisis would be much greater than it is now. There would be hundreds or thousands of Enron's, WorldCom's, and Tyco's being exposed. Bernard Madoff would not be alone in pri